Motorized U-Arm DR System

The U-arm DR Plus is a general digital radiographic system designed for maximum flexibility with intuitive controls for optimum workflow and clinical productivity.  This unit easily performs a full range of radiographic studies for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients (standing, seated, or tabletop) including all general radiographic procedures and trauma applications.

This totally integrated system, combines modern technology of a high frequency x-ray generator with digital flat panel technology for direct digital image acquisition.  This unit is designed with a user friendly and intuitive operating system for easy positioning of any patient.

• Easy maneuvering
• Optimum flexibility for exams
• Improved workflow
• Superior image quality
• Image access within seconds
• Digital image processing
• Robust digital image enhancement

Standard Features

• Universal motorized u-arm with wireless control
• Csl FPD and workstation software
• 50/65 KW x-ray generator
• X-ray tube and HV-cable
• 12 key wireless control
• Anti-collision / one-touch positioning
• System includes imaging table


Positioning control for all movements is available on a 6” color touch screen console and 12 key wireless control pad, enabling control of SID distance, height of swivel C-arm, and angulation of the swivel arm and detector. The angles and SID are displayed on the touch screen. All movements stop anytime the switch is released.

Single-Button positioning: 1m and 1.8m chest position or 1m table position, and preset angle positioning on the touch screen. Seven positioning programs for the most common studies and tests are available on the 6” color touch screen control display, making one touch positioning possible after selecting the program.

Intelligent anti-collision system works with 3 laser beams and pressure sensors located on the arm and skins of detector to avoid harm to patient. Red LEDs display which sensor is activated on the power cabinet. If resistance pressure greater than 10kg. is detected, the vertical movement will stop and then move back 10cm in the opposite direction.

Application Programming Interface (API): The system movements are integrated with Acquisition Console in 7 different positions. An anatomy select on the study menu allows the automatic positioning to run with a press of the hand switch.


Maximum/Minimum focal-spot-to floor distance: Mac 1690mm-400mm
Vertical travel: 1290mm, speed: 40mm-150mm/S
Arm rotation: +120° to -30°, range: 150°, speed: 3° to 10°/S
Detector rotation angulation +45°CW/-45°CCW, range: 90°
Rotation speed: 1° to -3°/S
Motorized SID travel: 1000mm to 1800mm
Travel speed: 10mm to 130mm/S
Dimensions (LxGxW): 2045 x 2300 x 770mm
Net Weight: 320kg
Power: 110/220VAC/50- 60Hz/10A.
Minimum room ceiling height: 2700mm


• Auto-Stitching in vertical direction
• Auto collimator and tracking (collimator light led changes with SID variation)
• Workstation, auto positioning (APR) and 10″ color touch screen controls

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