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ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue Radiation Protection Aprons

Dr. Douglas Coldwell:

“The ErgoLite® apron changed my life!”

ErgoLite® gives me good radiation protection. It helps my back and shoulders by redistributing the weight onto my hips. It’s a great piece of equipment and I swear by it… It gives me safety, 360 degrees, it’s comfortable, and I don’t have to be concerned about my back during long cases. It’s a winner on 3 counts.

Dr. Douglas Coldwell, MD, PhD
Interventional Radiologist
Professor of Radiology & Radiation Oncology

I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the ErgoLite® vest & kilt system that I purchased… The shoulder support feature has effectively removed all weight from my shoulders and makes doing procedures much more comfortable. I am impressed by how much better this lead is than all other products I have used during the last 11 years in catheterization laboratories. My compliments to the engineers who designed this product.

Charles Landau, MD
St. Vincent’s Hospital

This (ErgoLite®) is the most comfortable apron that I have used. Because of the stays in the shoulder, the weight of the lead is primarily on the hips. I have had no back problems since using the ErgoLite®. I perform over 600 cases a year, so the comfort of the lead is extremely important to me. Thank you for this fine product.

Jeffrey N. Bernam, MD
Director, Cardiac Cath Lab
St. Vincent’s Hospital

This lead has really helped my back overall. I used to have a lot of mid back pain wearing the apron style lead, but this has decreased that pain quite a bit. It takes all the pressure off the shoulders, and that’s the key.

Thanks for the new lead. I love it! Since I put it on the first time I’ve stopped using my old one. The difference is day and night. The new lead is much lighter, the material is more pliable, not as stiff. You also did excellent measurements of me because the new lead is a perfect fit. Thanks again.

I have been very pleased with my (ErgoLite®) apron. Many of my colleagues have moved to skirt and jacket type aprons. However, I have very much enjoyed my single piece apron. It is extraordinarily comfortable and unfortunately, turns out to be a frequently borrowed apron when visitors come to the Interventional radiology suite! I acquired a waist band with the apron, which helps to make it even more comfortable and less stressful on my back after a long day in the interventional radiology suite. I would highly recommend this model to any radiologists for occasional use during the day or extended use during long interventional radiology procedures.

Joseph R. Stock, MD
Chairman, Department of Radiology
Crozer-Chester Medical Center

This (ErgoLite®) apron has a special design which includes heavy duty plastic stays over both shoulders thus re-distributing the weight of the apron in a somewhat more diffuse manner. In conjunction with the belt, it feels almost non-existent and it is not unusual to forget that I am wearing it. Its comfort is extremely high with loss of the usual sense of heavy weight which is more commonly noted with a standard lead apron.

I want to let you know how pleased I am with my new Ergolite Lead Apron!! It offers such great support during long interventional cases. It is the most comfortable lead apron I have worn in my career and I will definitely be doing more business with AADCO Medical! Thanks again!!

X-Drape® | Sterile, Disposable Attenuation Drapes

A Society of Interventional Radiology published study has drawn this conclusion:

Leaded glasses or scatter shielding drapes substantially reduced lens dose by factors of 9.5 and 12 respectively. Maximal eye shielding was achieved by the use of both leaded glasses and scatter-shielding drapes.

Drs Dauer & Thornton, Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Center
Society of Interventional Radiology 2009

Exceptional Customer Service

Responsive, cordial, friendly and help me get things done (measured, ordered, delivered, etc..) very quickly. Measurements are accurate, I have absolutely no issue with measured aprons not fitting, which was not the case with your predecessor. RMA numbers come quickly so I can return aprons promptly for repair or disposal. Thank you!

So helpful and professional. We are so happy with how they treat all of our staff with their lead needs.

Very accommodating. I enjoy working with someone that makes the process simple and efficient.

Always responsive, always courteous and professional and have helped me quite a bit over the years.

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