X-Ray Cassette Holders

X-Ray Cassette Holders

Our x-ray cassette holder collection offers all the versatility and flexibility you need. Whether you select the CR or DR version, our x-ray holder features an adjustable height range from 5-3/4 inches to 50 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cassette tray, ensuring adaptability for various examination types. The arm that holds the cassette slides vertically on a pole equipped with 12 holes, allowing for easy and precise adjustments to suit different patient sizes and positions. The V-base design provides stability during use and ensures mobility when needed, making it a practical choice for busy medical settings. 

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An X-Ray Cassette Holder That Meets Your Needs

If you’re looking for an apparatus that holds an x-ray plate, you can’t go wrong with an x-ray cassette holder from AADO Medical. Our CR x-ray holder securely handles cassettes up to 14×17 inches and supports weights up to 20 pounds. In contrast, our DR x-ray cassette holder is designed for DR plates up to 17×17 inches and weights up to 40 pounds. It handles standard, CR, and DR plates. Both units are equipped with four swivel casters, each with its own lock, enhancing maneuverability and safety. Whichever x-ray holder you choose, our collection accommodates a wide range of x-ray imaging needs.

X-ray Cassete Holder

X-Ray Holders That Deliver Precision

Healthcare professionals must utilize a specialized x-ray cassette holder to obtain optimal x-ray images. A holder is essential for securely positioning the cassettes, ensuring they remain immobile for the clearest possible pictures. Allowing patients or staff to hold these cassettes is impractical and unsafe; a portable cassette holder lets patients stay comfortable while staff maintain a safe distance.

Using an x-ray holder provides several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced image quality
  • Safer patient and staff environment
  • Reduced exposure to unnecessary radiation

Quality-Backed X-Ray Cassette Holders

AADCO’s commitment to quality informs everything we do. We build each x-ray cassette holder with the same dedication to quality as all our products. Our ISO 13485:2016 certification testifies to this commitment. We’re also UL, CE, and CB certified and registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. When you want an x-ray holder built to a standard you can trust, you want AADCO Medical.

X-Ray Cassette Holders and So Much More

Our x-ray cassette holder collection is just a sample of the outstanding products we provide. AADCO Medical’s American-made, innovative, quality solutions help you overcome your most complex challenges. Our comprehensive inventory includes infection control products, MRI-Safe® equipment, radiation protection products, and medical imaging accessories and equipment.

Whether you need radiation glasses, table shielding, C-arms, or one of our other solutions, we’re dedicated to providing the reliable, high-quality products your work depends on. Explore our collection today and experience everything AADCO Medical can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About X-Ray Cassette Holders

As a trusted supplier in the $221.4 billion medical equipment market, AADCO is uniquely qualified to answer your x-ray cassette holder questions. Read on to learn more.

Are Your X-Ray Holders Mobile?

All our x-ray holders have four swivel casters for complete mobility and maneuverability.

How Much Weight Can Your X-Ray Cassette Holder Support?

Our CR x-ray cassette holder supports up to 20 pounds, and our DR model handles up to 40 pounds.

Can I Change the Height on Your X-Ray Holder?

Yes, both our x-ray holder options accommodate heights from 5-3/4 inches to 50 inches.

Purchase an AADCO X-Ray Cassette Holder Today

An AADCO x-ray cassette holder delivers all the flexibility and functionality your work demands. Plus, we back up all our products with an unparalleled dedication to quality and outstanding customer service. Order x-ray holders today and take advantage of everything we offer.

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