DR-400 Two Panel DR System

The DR-400 single panel total solution includes a heavy-duty overhead x-ray tube system (DRC-2200) characterized by its simple and functional, lightweight design. This system assures highly precise positioning for an optimal DR result. This tube stand can cover nearly the entire area of the room in which it is installed. Combined with a 4-way float top, carbon fiber imaging table (AADCO’s T-220) and a versatile DRS-1800 vertical bucky, it is a complete, two panel DR Solution in a more traditional form factor.


DRC-2200 Tube Stand Specifications:

This motorized, ceiling-mounted x-ray tube suspension system is designed to facilitate a wide range of procedures. The heavy-duty and fully counter-balanced system moves easily for faster patient positioning with minimal operator fatigue. The manual movement pressure is only 4.4 lbs. (2 kg).

12 key wireless control enables all motion of CMT and wall stand. The 6” color touch screen displays tube SID/angle and function buttons. The programmable function buttons can be set for positioning 2-way, 3-way and 4-way movement. All movements stop anytime the switch is released. The switch for motorized to manual movement has a button conveniently located on grip.

Single-button positioning:
• 2-way movement of table position and chest area from 1m/1.8m.
• 3-way movement of chest area from 1m/1.8m and elevating table position.
• T-220 table has servo tracking with CMT with vertical travel of 300mm. The table Bucky has servo tracking in longitudinal direction with CMT of 500mm.


• 4-way movement with motorized tube rotation and angulation servo tracking with the detector
• Manual/motorized (option) vertical; axis (yaw) 360o
• Manual rotation horizontal axis (roll): +140o (optional)
• Motorized servo tracking with wall stand S1800 with vertical travel of 1500mm
• X-ray tube rotate tracking with centering of detector
• Longitudinal rail length: 3800mm, travel 2950mm
• Transverse bridge length: 2500mm, travel 1600mm
• System weight: 485 lbs. (220 kg), power requirements: 110/220VAC/50-60Hz/5A
• Telescope carriage size (LxWxH) 713 x 620 x 980mm
• Auto-Stitching feature (optional): Auto-stitching in vertical direction
• Auto collimator tracking (optional): collimator light field is resized with SID variation
• Application Programming Interface (API): The movement is integrated with acquisition console in 6 different positions. Anatomy select can be activated on the study menu.
• Tomosynthesis (volume DR) (optional)

T-220 Table Features

• Motorized Height Adjustable
• Carbon Fiber Tabletop
• 4-way Float Top
• Length 2400mm
• Width 796mm,
• Transverse Travel 300mm
• Longitudinal Travel 1020mm
• Table Height 660mm
• Vertical Travel 300mm
• Vertical Tracking with DRC-2200 Tube stand
• Table Weight 150kg
• Weight Capacity 250kg

DRS-1800 Bucky Stand Features

• Motorized wall stand
• 6″ TFT touch screen
• Single button positioning chest or table
• 12 key wireless control
• Vertical travel 1350mm
• Maximum carrying capacity 90kg
• DH rotation 180 degrees (+90/-90)
• Manual swing (+90/-90) with positive lock optional
• Stand weight 496 lbs. (225 kg)
• Dimensions (LxWxH) 595 x 322 x 2106mm
• Auto-positioning
• Auto-tracking

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