ComfortLite® Radiation Protection Aprons

AADCO’s ComfortLite™ Radiation Protection Aprons are the best combination of protection, durability and comfort.  All of the features that customers love in an x-ray apron; light weight, comfortable feel and excellent protection, are available in the design of ComfortLite™.  The result?  The highest x-ray protection to weight ratio in the industry!
Radiation Protection Aprons X-Ray ApronsWe manufacture ComfortLite™ X-Ray Aprons with the latest version of AADCO’s X-Ban® Material. Our quality department inspects and selects the most desirable and lightest weight X-Ban® material from each manufacturing run to craft the perfect lightweight x-ray aprons.  We call this material, “High-Spec” X-Ban®.
In addition to hand selecting the best protective materials, a combination of other techniques are used to make ComfortLite™Aprons lighter and more comfortable. For instance, our team of craft workers use lighter weight, highly pliable garment shell materials.  In addition, they also apply advanced techniques to the patterns of each apron, ensuring the design eliminates extra weight.  In conclusion, ComfortLite™ will be the most comfortable, lightest weight, full radiation protection apron you have ever worn!
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