Hercules Overhead Suspension Equipment

Hercules Overhead Suspension Equipment
AADCO’s Hercules® Overhead Systems are the new standard in quality, durability, and flexibility. These unique and specialized systems meet the needs and rigors of diagnostic and interventional lab environments.
All Hercules® systems are precision machined, high strength, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is stronger and more durable than steel of equal weight. These suspension ceiling systems have no cold welds or other weak points prone to failure.
Multiple Hercules® columns may be mounted on a single ceiling track or individually fixed mounted. Custom track lengths are available to suit a wide variety of needs. Some models are available with internal wiring for powering examination / surgical lamps and other medium-weight devices.
MRI-Safe® suspension equipment systems are also available and are specially designed to operate safely in MRI environments to 3 Tesla. To view MRI-Safe™ equipment and overhead systems, please navigate to the MRI-Safe™ section of our website.

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