Radiation Protection Products

Shop our collection of radiation protection equipment today. The use of radiation in the medical field brings enormous benefits when used safely. To minimize radiation exposure and protect the health of staff and patients, the use of radiation protection in medical radiography is crucial.

AADCO Medical Inc.’s selection of X-ray protection equipment will shield staff and patients from any radiation exposure in all healthcare applications. The quality of our personal radiation protection products is unequaled. Our ISO 13485 quality system ensures the consistent design, development, installation and delivery of every X-ray protection line we manufacture. Radiation protection devices from AADCO bring patients and providers safety and peace of mind.

Our radiation protection equipment includes:

Radiation PPE for X-Ray Protection

Radiation PPE for X-ray protection is necessary for numerous situations. PPE from AADCO covers a full range of products, including protective glasses and gloves and AADCO lead aprons. Our radiation PPE for X-ray protection delivers the safety you and your patients demand. Our products are durable and comfortable, ensuring a long, useful life.

Shielded Control Booths

RayShield® shielded control booths provide outstanding protection. The clear acrylic window panes on our X-ray protective shields offer 0.5 mm of lead-equivalent protection, while the opaque bottom panels provide up to 0.8 mm of lead-equivalent protection. Our shielded control booths are available in one-, two- and three-section models. You can rely on the safety our products deliver.

Table Shielding & Other Solutions

We offer table shielding and other solutions for X-ray protection challenges. Our table shielding comes in an array of configurations, including:

  • Four-piece under-table shield
  • Handleless, reinforced under-table shield
  • Locking double-pivot shield

We also provide popular solutions like our Intensi-Barrier Band Bags, which create a sterile field, and the Sidewinder™, which can be used when overhead barriers are impractical. Our table shielding and other solutions deliver the reliability you can depend on.

X-Drape® Sterile Field Drapes

AADCO's X-Drape® sterile field drapes offer the economical protection you want. Available in a wide range of sizes, our sterile field drapes come in absorbent and non-absorbent material. Options include various cut-outs, windows and X-ray equivalencies, and we can customize drapes to your requirements. You can count on X-Drape® sterile field drapes for the protection your patients need.

X-Ray Barriers & X-Ray Shielding

Made in the USA, our X-ray protective shields are available in a wide range of configurations to meet your specific needs. Options include:

  • Adjustable height barriers
  • Mounted shielding
  • Mobile barriers

We also offer an adjustable-height pivoting over-table barrier.

Some of our X-ray barriers and X-ray shielding provide up to 2.0mm lead equivalence of X-ray protection. You can rest assured that your patients and staff will be safe with our X-ray protective shields.

Whatever your needs, AADCO has the radiation protection products your operation requires. Our X-ray protection product lines are appropriate for all healthcare applications. We're proud of the safety and protection our products offer, and we stand behind the outstanding quality of all our radiation protection devices. Shop our great selection of radiation protection equipment today.

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