ErgoLite Radiation Protection Aprons

ErgoLite® – There’s Nothing Else Like It!

Prevent Repetitive Stress of the Shoulders, Neck & Back that May Result in Career Shortening Injuries with Lightweight Lead Apron Radiation Protection

The first and only Radiation Protection Aprons ever to eliminate 100% of weight and contact at the shoulder areas are our special Patented ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue Aprons. By using a reinforced but flexible internal framework, AADCO Medical has designed aprons that can entirely eliminate the Repetitive Stress and Fatigue Problems of the upper back and extremities associated with the shoulder contact and weight of conventional X-ray protective aprons.

Here’s How it Works :
We use two specially designed lightweight thermoplastic supports. Beginning at the waist of the garment, these supports are built into the garment’s lining. The supports extend from the waist, up and over the shoulders, and down the back of the garment, ending at the waist. Combined with the use of our adjustable height back support belt, these supports pick up the weight of the specific x-ray protection apron along their entire length, particularly at the shoulders. This eliminates not only shoulder weight from the apron but also all contact at the shoulder.
How it Helps:
This design was specifically developed to help relieve the repetitive stress at the shoulders caused by prolonged lead apron shoulder contact. Repetitive Stress has been identified as a cause of chronic fatigue and pain in medical professionals who wear radiation protection aprons for long periods of time on a regular basis. ErgoLite® is an Advanced design—simple but effective. It helps eliminate repetitive stress and fatigue problems while allowing the protective garment to remain both flexible and comfortable. The ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue is available in three of our popular X-ray protective apron styles: our 600 series Vest & Kilt, our 700 series Wraparound Aprons, and our 200 series Designer Buckle Front Protection Aprons. ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue aprons are the only products of their type. All of our ErgoLite® Aprons are made with our premium super light-weight & LeadFree X-Ban® protective material. Available exclusively from AADCO Medical.
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