Patient Restraints

Patient Restraints

AADCO Medical, Inc. has the patient restraints you need to keep your patients safe. We offer a range of safety restraints, allowing you to select what works best for your patients. Whether you want a Somatome replacement or Velcro straps, we have the products you’re looking for. Start shopping now.

Patient Restraints That Deliver Performance and Comfort

Our patient restraints are designed to balance performance with comfort. These restraints are tailored to securely immobilize patients during imaging and medical procedures, minimizing movement to ensure safety and accuracy. Comfort is a key focus, with materials chosen to reduce patient discomfort and stress. When you want safety restraints that offer the best of all possible worlds, you want AADCO Medical.

A Range of Safety Restraints for Diverse Needs

We offer a variety of safety restraints to meet your specific needs. Our collection of patient restraints includes:

  • Patient safety straps for Somatome Plus 4 — A direct replacement for the manufacturer’s restraint
  • Patient safety straps for Somatome & HiQ — 5 inches wide for convenience and comfort
  • Quik-Strap™ Velcro Medical Straps — In widths ranging from 3/4 inches to 4 inches
  • Pigg-O-Stat™ Pediatric Immobilizer — For positioning infants and children for X-rays
  • Universal MRI/CT patient safety straps — Available in widths of 5 inches or 14 inches
Safety Restraints

A World of Products Beyond Patient Restraints

AADCO Medical provides much more than patient restraints. We offer a comprehensive collection of products for medical imaging environments, notably MRI. Our lineup includes an MRI-safe multi-level hospital stretcher and MRI-safe patient transfer devices and aids. These products are engineered to be compatible with MRI technology, ensuring safety and efficiency in such specialized settings. The stretchers and transfer devices are designed for patient comfort and ease of use, enhancing the overall patient care experience in medical facilities.

Products Designed to Meet Your Requirements

We’re deeply attuned to the unique needs of MRI environments. Our products, like MRI-safe patient restraints and transfer devices, are designed to be non-magnetic, ensuring they are safe and functional in the strong magnetic fields of MRI machines. This focus on MRI compatibility demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that enhance patient safety and procedural accuracy in specialized medical settings.

Patient Restraints

Why Choose AADCO Medical for Your Patient Restraints?

Our commitment to innovative solutions makes AADCO Medical an ideal source for the patient restraints you need. Our certification to ISO 13485:2016 exemplifies our dedication to the highest quality standards. We’re also UL, CE, and CB certified and registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is obvious in everything we do.

Medical professionals trust their safety restraint needs to AADCO Medical because we design our products with a focus on safety, comfort, and MRI compatibility. Our restraints meet specific medical requirements, ensuring reliable performance in various medical settings. Our products are recognized for their quality and ergonomic design, contributing to better patient care and procedure accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patient Restraints

As an industry leader, AADCO Medical is well-positioned to answer your questions about patient restraints. We have a wealth of safety restraint information to share. Read the following for additional details.

What Are Patient Restraints Used For?

Patient restraints are used to safely immobilize patients during medical procedures, ensuring both their safety and the accuracy of the procedure.

Are Your Restraints MRI Safe?

Yes, we offer MRI-safe restraints specifically designed for use in MRI environments without affecting the imaging results.

How do Safety Restraints Ensure Comfort?

Our safety restraints are made with materials that minimize discomfort, and their design focuses on patient comfort during procedures.

Can These Patient Restraints Be Adjusted for Different Patient Sizes?

Yes, our velcro restraints are adjustable to accommodate a variety of patient sizes and ensure a secure fit.

Are These Safety Restraints Easy to Clean and Maintain?

We design our safety restraints with materials that are easy to maintain and clean, ensuring hygiene and durability.

Considerations in the Use of Patient Restraints

You should consider several factors when using patient restraints. These aspects include their role in diverse medical procedures, the importance of staff training for proper use, the ethical considerations in their application, and the advancements in design for patient comfort and safety. These topics explore how restraints are an integral part of patient care, balancing the need for immobilization with ethical treatment and comfort:

Role in Diverse Medical Procedures

Safety restraints are crucial in various medical scenarios, from routine examinations to complex surgeries. They help maintain patient positioning, critical for accurate diagnostics and successful surgical outcomes.

Staff Training for Proper Use

The effective use of patient restraints requires staff training. Healthcare professionals must understand how to correctly apply restraints to ensure patient safety without causing undue discomfort or harm.

Ethical Considerations

The use of restraints must be guided by ethical considerations, balancing patient safety with respect for individual rights and dignity. This involves considering the least restrictive methods and obtaining informed consent when possible.

Advancements in Design

Innovations in restraint design focus on enhancing patient comfort and safety. Modern velcro restraints often feature adjustable, ergonomic designs and soft, hypoallergenic materials to reduce stress and the risk of injury.

Order Patient Restraints Today from AADCO Medical

Enhance patient safety and comfort with our patient restraints. Designed for MRI compatibility and ease of use, these safety restraints are a perfect blend of functionality and patient care. Trust in the quality and reliability of AADCO products for your diverse medical needs.

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