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AADCO’s x-ray aprons offer superior protection in a variety of styles for every imaging setting. AADCO’s team handcrafts all our x-ray lead aprons in the United States, and we adhere to ISO quality management standards. The innovative and ergonomic designs of AADCO’s radiology lead aprons and gowns reduce discomfort and fatigue and are available with a Lifetime warranty.

All x-ray aprons are made with AADCO’s proprietary X-Ban® core material. Advanced X-Ban® material has effective radiation attenuation that provides 98% attenuation of scattered radiation at 80 kVp and 94.1% attenuation at 100 kVp. These are independent test results, certified by the National Physics Laboratory to the BS EN 6133-1:2002 International Standard. Test results are based on 0.5mm lead equivalence.

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X-Ray Aprons in a Range of Styles

When you want x-ray aprons that suit your busy work day, look no further than AADCO Medical. We specifically design our x-ray gowns to deliver the best combination of comfort and protection. Our outstanding collection includes a wide array of options, like kilts, vests, half-aprons, wraparound aprons, and more. You can choose from three lines of radiology lead aprons:

Whatever your choice, you’ll benefit from the protection of our X-Ban® core material. Independently tested and certified, X-Ban delivers the superior protection you need day in and day out.

We also offer essential accessories, like apron sleeves, thyroid flares and lead apron racks, that extend the life of your aprons.

Radiology Lead Aprons That Deliver Unprecedented Quality

AADCO Medical’s commitment to quality informs everything we do. We’re certified to ISO 13485:2016 and hold UL, CE, and CB certifications. We’re also registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. When you order radiology lead aprons from AADCO Medical, you get industry-leading quality backed up by our lifetime warranty. We handcraft our x-ray aprons to the most exacting industry standards. You can rely on all our radiation PPE to provide the protection you and your team need.

Lead Aprons Backed by Unparalleled Customer Service

Our experienced staff is just a phone call or email away. If you have a question about lead aprons or any of our radiation protection products, our outstanding team will be able to provide an answer. Eager to find the best solution for every customer, our staff is dedicated to delivering a seamless, positive experience. You can depend on our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Radiology Lead Aprons
Lead Aprons

Comfort and Protection All in One Radiology Lead Apron

Whichever radiology lead apron you order, you can rest assured that you’ll get industry-leading protection from harmful radiation. Our advanced X-Ban material provides 98% attenuation of scattered radiation at 80 kVp and 94.1% attenuation at 100 kVp. AADCO Medical x-ray gowns also deliver the comfort you need during regular use. For instance, our ErgoLite aprons are designed to shift weight to the hips from the shoulder, neck, and clavicle area. Our innovative design ensures hours of comfortable wear while lowering the risk of stress injuries.

Lead Aprons Designed With Your Needs in Mind

When it comes to customizing lead aprons, AADCO Medical offers a wide range of options to ensure that customers receive aprons that meet their specific needs. Here are some detailed customization options available for the ErgoLite® and ComfortLite™ aprons:

  • Material and Lead Equivalence: Customers can choose from materials like X-Ban SuperLightweight and X-Ban LeadFree. Additionally, there is an option to select the lead equivalence, whether it’s 0.35mm or 0.5mm, to provide the level of protection required for different radiological procedures.
  • Colors and Patterns: There is an extensive selection of colors and patterns to choose from, enabling institutions to match their branding or accommodate personal preferences. This includes various nylon colors and unique designs such as galaxy, graffiti, and different camouflage options.
  • Binding Colors: The binding, which is the trim of the apron, can be chosen in colors like black, blue, fuchsia, green, and more, offering an additional level of customization.
  • Sizing Options: From petite to custom sizes, customers can ensure their apron fits perfectly, which is crucial for comfort during lengthy procedures. We also have a “No-Contact Sizing App” that can be used to determine the correct size without needing physical measurement.
  • Monograms and Logos: You have the option to add monograms and logos, which can be selected in various fonts and colors. This is particularly useful for institutions that wish to brand their protective equipment or for individuals who want a personal touch.

How to Select the Right Radiology Lead Aprons

Selecting the right radiology lead aprons for various medical procedures or environments is essential for proper radiation protection, comfort, and longevity of use. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to choose what’s best for your circumstances:

  • Understand the Protection Level Needed: We craft our aprons with our proprietary X-Ban® core material, which provides effective radiation attenuation. With 98% attenuation at 80 kVp and 94.1% at 100 kVp, this material offers certified protection for most standard imaging settings. Ensure you choose an apron with appropriate lead equivalence for the procedures you perform.
  • Consider the Work Environment: For those with long case hours or existing shoulder injuries, or if you’re seeking maximum comfort, the ErgoLite® range is designed to reduce career-shortening stress injuries. If you are looking for the best combination of protection, durability, and comfort, the ComfortLite™ series boasts the highest x-ray protection-to-weight ratio in the industry. This series is suitable for professionals who need lightweight yet highly protective aprons. When outfitting a department on a budget, the Z™ Aprons are an economical option made in large quantities and limited colors, which reduces costs.
  • Look for an Ergonomic Design for Comfort: Assess the ergonomic features of different apron styles. For instance, our ErgoLite® line eliminates 100% of the weight and contact at the shoulder areas, which is crucial for those who experience fatigue or stress injuries from prolonged use of x-ray aprons.
  • Identify Your Style Preference: There is a variety of apron styles, such as kilts, vests, half-aprons, and wraparound aprons. The choice will depend on the coverage you need and the type of procedures you perform. Full wraparounds offer more front and back protection, while vests and kilts may provide more mobility.

When selecting lead aprons, consider these factors to find the one that best suits your specific needs regarding protection level, comfort, ergonomic design, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radiology Lead Aprons

As a leading provider of radiology lead aprons, AADCO Medical is well-positioned to provide the answers you’ve been looking for. Read the following questions for more information, and be sure to contact us for additional details.

What Is a Lead Apron Used for in Radiology?

A lead apron is used during radiological procedures to protect staff from unnecessary radiation exposure.

What Is a Lead Shield in Radiology?

A lead shield in radiology protects the wearer from exposure to unnecessary radiation.

What Is the Difference Between Lead and Non-Lead Aprons?

Lead aprons are heavier than non-lead models, although both offer the same level of protection. The term “lead aprons” is often used generically to refer to both lead and non-lead aprons.

Order X-Ray Aprons From AADCO Medical

You can rely on AADCO Medical x-ray aprons for their comfort and protection. We deliver what you want in a radiology lead apron. Our U.S.-based design, engineering, and manufacturing services ensure you get the best products on the market. Purchase today and take advantage of everything we have to offer.

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