Hercules® Overhead Track System

Hercules® Overhead Track System

Our Hercules® Overhead Systems are the new standard in durability, quality, and flexibility. These unique and specialized systems meet the rigors and needs of diagnostic and interventional lab environments. We specially designed our MRI-Safe® mounted medical equipment systems to operate safely in MRI environments to 3 Tesla.

Each Hercules® overhead track system is made of precision-machined, high-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is more durable and stronger than steel of equal weight. Our systems have no cold welds or other weak points prone to failure. Browse our overhead track system collection now and take your lab environment to the next level.

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An Overhead Track System That Delivers Versatility

We designed our overhead track system to meet the ever-increasing demands of interventional and diagnostic lab environments. A single ceiling track accommodates multiple Hercules® columns. We offer custom track lengths to suit a wide variety of needs. Some overhead track system models are available with internal wiring for powering examination or surgical lamps and other medium-weight devices. We also offer a drift-resistant kit and cable drape system for added convenience.

Durability and Dependability All in One Overhead Track System

Our UL-validated and -certified Hercules® overhead track system withstands daily use in the busiest labs. Its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction ensures:

  • More strength
  • Greater durability
  • No weak points

We understand the needs of today’s laboratory environments and built our overhead track system to overcome your greatest challenges.

Overhead track system

Overhead Track Systems Backed by a Commitment to Quality

AADCO Medical’s dedication to quality is rooted in our company philosophy and culture. Our pledge of quality backs every Hercules® overhead track system. Our ISO 13485:2016 certified quality system demonstrates how we adhere to the highest standards of quality control. Besides our UL and ISO certifications, we are CE and CB certified. Plus, we’re registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. Everything we do testifies to our enduring commitment to quality.

Quality Components to Complement a Quality Overhead Track System

From Easy-Glide™ tracks to frame-mounted barriers and LED examination lamps, AADCO Medical offers an outstanding array of components to accompany our Hercules® overhead track system. Our collection includes additional carriages and a heavy-duty ceiling track trolley to meet your needs. We build every overhead track system component to the same high standards of quality. You can depend on our rugged, reliable Hercules® overhead systems.

Beyond Overhead Track Systems

We’re proud of our Hercules® overhead track system and the versatility and flexibility it brings to today’s diagnostic and interventional lab environments, But AADCO is so much more. We deliver American-made, innovative, quality solutions for the challenges you face. Our outstanding collection comprises a wide range of products designed specifically for environments involving MRI or radiation.

In addition to our MRI-safe overhead systems, we offer other MRI-safe equipment, like lighting, patient transfer devices and aids, safety screening equipment, and table shielding solutions. AADCO also provides an entire array of radiation protection, including PPE for protection from radiation emissions. This comprehensive collection includes x-ray aprons, kilts, and vests, and protective glasses and gloves. You can count on our selection to deliver all the reliability you expect from an industry leader.

Frequently Asked Questions About Overhead Track Systems

The $221.4 billion medical equipment market is vast and confusing. But AADCO Medical is a trusted source of information. Read the following questions for the answers you need about overhead track systems.

What Materials Do You Use to Make the Hercules® Overhead Track System?

We use precision-machined, high-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to manufacture the Hercules® overhead track system.

How Much Weight Can a Hercules® Overhead Track System Support?

A Hercules® Heavy Duty Ceiling Track can support up to 450 pounds.

Is the Hercules® Overhead Track System MRI-Safe?

Yes, we offer MRI-Safe® mounted medical equipment systems.

Order a Hercules® Overhead Track System From AADCO Medical

You can rely on a Hercules® overhead track system to withstand the rigors of your daily operations. AADCO Medical understands your concerns and provides the equipment you need to get the job done. Purchase a system today and experience the AADCO Medical difference.

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