Lead Shields for Control Booths

Lead Shields for Control Booths

AADCO Medical offers a comprehensive lead shield collection designed to protect your staff. You can rely on the lead barrier components of our shielded control booths to provide effective radiation attenuation. Our extensive line of radiation protection products includes radiation shields and sterile field x-ray shields. Shop now for the radiation protection you need.

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Enhancing Radiological Safety with AADCO’s Lead Shields

In the pursuit of safer medical imaging practices, our lead shield booths are a crucial solution. These booths, developed with our hallmark quality and innovation, provide essential protection against radiation exposure. The incorporation of lead barrier technology ensures that these booths can be easily adapted to various medical environments, enhancing safety without sacrificing functionality. Our focus on safety and quality is obvious in every aspect of these shielded control booths. From their robust construction to their efficient design, these booths represent the pinnacle of radiation protection in medical settings. We continue to set industry standards with our commitment to developing safe, effective, and innovative medical imaging solutions.

The Critical Role of Lead Shields in Healthcare

A lead shield is indispensable in modern healthcare, especially in radiology departments. Using a lead barrier significantly reduces radiation exposure risks for your medical staff. These shields are particularly crucial during prolonged imaging procedures, where radiation exposure can accumulate. By employing lead shields, healthcare facilities demonstrate their commitment to safety and patient care. The adaptability of these shields to various imaging environments underscores their utility and importance. The key benefits of using lead shields in medical settings include:

  • Enhanced staff safety from radiation exposure
  • Increased flexibility and ease of use in different medical imaging scenarios
  • Improved compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Assurance of a safer working environment for radiologists and technicians
  • Lower risk of long-term health issues related to radiation
  • Streamlined processes in busy medical imaging departments

Lead Shield Features

Made from shatterproof RayShield® acrylic, our lead shield collection is suitable for a wide variety of spaces. You can choose from single-, two- and three-panel options to create shielded control booths ideal for your needs.

The single-panel model features a 36″ x 48″ clear lead acrylic window pane that delivers 0.5 mm of lead equivalent protection. The opaque lower-shielding panel is 36″ x 36″.

We offer two double-panel shielded control booths, both with a 30° angle. Item No. SC-991 has two clear lead acrylic window panes with 0.5 mm lead-equivalent protection that are 36″ x 48″ and 24″ x 48″. With a 0.8 mm lead-equivalent protection level, the lower opaque panels are 36″ x 24″ and 36″ x 36″. The two clear lead acrylic window panes of Item No. SC-993 are 48″ x 48″ and 24″ x 48″ and provide 0.5 mm lead-equivalent protection, while the two lower opaque panels are 36″ x 48″ and 36″ x 24″, offering 0.8 mm lead-equivalent protection.

Our three-section option has a panoramic 36″ x 48″ center clear lead acrylic window pane and two 24″ x 48″ window panes at a 45° angle. All provide a 0.5 mm lead-equivalent protection. A 36″ x 36″ center section and two 36″ x 24″ side panels make up the lower sections and provide 0.8 mm lead-equivalent protection.

Radiation Shields

Why Choose a Lead Barrier From AADCO?

Radiation safety is a paramount concern in any medical imaging facility, and a lead barrier from AADCO addresses this concern head-on. These advanced shields embody our commitment to innovative, high-quality solutions in medical safety. We design each shield with the user in mind, ensuring ease of mobility without compromising protection. The durability and effectiveness of our lead shield collection make it a wise choice for any medical facility looking to enhance safety. Choosing these shields affirms your commitment to the highest safety standards in healthcare. Our expertise and dedication to excellence make our lead shields the intelligent choice for medical professionals.

The various certifications we carry testify to our commitment to quality. We have ISO 13485:2016 certification and are certified to UL, CE, and CB standards. We’re also registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. You can rest assured you’re getting the industry’s best with a lead shield from AADCO.

Radiation Shielded Control Booths

Lead Shields: A Legacy Based on Safety

Enhance protection standards in your x-ray settings with a lead shield from AADCO. These shields, renowned for their durability and innovative design, are integral to leading medical facilities, clinics, and radiology labs across the nation. Choosing an AADCO lead barrier signifies a commitment to superior healthcare quality for your patients and ensures a safer work environment for your staff. We offer a comprehensive array of radiation shielding solutions specifically tailored to a variety of medical imaging requirements. By selecting AADCO for your radiation protection needs, you prioritize advanced safety, versatility, and peace of mind in every x-ray procedure.

Beyond Lead Barriers

Our lead barrier inventory is just an example of the outstanding radiation protection products we offer. Besides our radiation shields and sterile field x-ray shields, our collection includes:

Shielded Control Booth

Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Shields

As a leader in the $1.4 billion medical radiation shielding market, AADCO Medical is well-positioned to answer your lead shield questions. Read on for the information you’ve been looking for.

What Are the Key Features of AADCO’s Shielded Control Booths?

Our booths have advanced radiation shield technology, offering superior protection and flexibility.

How Do Radiation Shields Enhance Safety in Medical Settings?

They significantly reduce radiation exposure, ensuring the safety of your healthcare professionals.

Can These Booths Be Customized for Different Imaging Environments?

Yes, their design allows for easy customization to fit various medical imaging settings.

Trust Your Lead Shield Needs to AADCO

Our lead shield collection offers an unparalleled blend of safety, flexibility, and quality. These shields are not just tools but a commitment to excellence in protecting your team. Embrace the future of medical safety by choosing an AADCO lead barrier — where innovative design meets unmatched protection. Don’t wait to upgrade your facility’s safety standards. Contact us today and take a step toward superior radiation protection.

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