Lead Apron Racks

Lead Apron Racks

Protect your Aprons!

Lead apron racks are a critical tool for storing lead aprons.   Storing an apron improperly makes it more susceptible to creases and cracks in its protective material.  Consequently, this will render aprons less effective against radiation exposure over time.  What does this mean?  In short, storing aprons improperly may compromise the safety of physicians and staff!  Additionally, aprons that do not have a designated storage area are more likely to be misplaced, misused, or abused.

Proper lead apron storage will prevent wear and tear and therefore extend the life of these specialty garments.   AADCO’s Rayshield® Lead Apron Racks are an essential organizational tool for any x-ray use area.  AADCO designs racks to store lead garments without folding, creasing, or otherwise compromising the protective material inside.

Not only do aprons that have a designated storage area have a longer life cycle, knowing where each apron is stored makes for easier inspections and department efficiency.  A well-organized imaging area prevents delays and distractions because equipment is ready to grab and go.

AADCO’s Lead Apron Racks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit every need.

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