Reducing long term radiation exposure to your eyes is critical.

The National & International Conferences on Radiation Protection (ICRP & NCRP) have set recommended standards: “Lens/Eye Dose should be limited to 15 RADs per year (ICRP/NCRP).” They have also concluded that “Cataracts occur with cumulative dose between 200 to 500 RADs (ICRP/NCRP).”

Based on an average Lens/Eye Dose of 62 milleRads per hour, and an average of 576 hours of Fluoroscopy per year, some clinicians are receiving doses of 35.7 RADs per year.  In a 30 year career this amounts to 1,071 RADs if the operator is standing upright. Far more if crouched or seated (about 5,184 Rads).

AADCO’s glasses are manufactured in our in-house optical lab to the highest standard in the industry. They offer the superior protection of a highly quality controlled, optically-correct lead glass lens. They feature lighter weight and better balance than many other leaded X-ray protective glasses, making them the industry’s premium product.

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