Mounted Medical Lights

You know optimal medical lighting for your procedures is of the utmost importance. From the specific needs for optimized shadow management to adjustable color temperature, we at AADCO Medical offer the highest-quality mounted medical lighting equipment for any medical purpose. Our selection of high-intensity examination and medical procedure lighting comes with a wide range of features depending on the job. View our complete selection below and find the best mounted medical lighting equipment for your procedures.

Medical Lights You Can Depend On

AADCO Medical, Inc. is a trusted supplier of medical lights. You can rely on our medical lighting equipment to provide the illumination you need. We have you covered with adjustable color temperature and optimized shadow management. Our U.S.-based design, engineering, and manufacturing services adhere to the highest quality standards. AADCO Medical, Inc. understands your needs and provides lighting options that meet your requirements. Shop now for the medical lights that are ideal for your application.

Medical Lights for an Array of Uses

With AADCO Medical, Inc. as your partner, you have a choice of medical lights to suit your specific needs. Our options include:

Medical Lights

Built-In Quality With Every Medical Light

We uphold the highest quality standards. We know the crucial role medical lighting equipment plays in your procedures, and we deliver high-quality lighting to ensure your success. We’re certified to ISO 13485:2016 and hold UL, CE, and CB certifications. We’re also registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. Our commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. All our medical lights are available with a five-year warranty.

Beyond Mounted Medical Lighting Equipment

Our line-up includes more than just high-quality mounted medical lighting equipment. You can find the same commitment to quality in our medical imaging equipment and portable procedure lights. Our mobile LED lamps deliver clear, natural colors, and our imaging equipment can be used for MRI, x-ray radiology, and other modalities. Whatever your needs, our products provide all the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from AADCO Medical, Inc.

Medical Lighting Equipment

Medical Lights Backed by Outstanding Customer Service

AADCO Medical, Inc. is renowned for providing outstanding customer service. You can get in touch with us via chat, email, or phone. From the moment you contact us, we ensure you receive prompt and courteous service. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable representatives is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Our customer service team goes above and beyond to answer your questions about medical lights professionally and efficiently. We work hard to meet your needs in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Lights

As an industry leader in medical lights, AADCO Medical, Inc. has the answers you need. Read the following questions, and be sure to contact us for additional information.

Is the ErgoLite® LED Examination Lamp Compatible With Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems?

Yes, the ErgoLite® lamp is fully compatible with Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems. It’s also available in an MRI-Safe® version.

What Features Does the OSL-3500 Series LED Medical Lighting System Offer?

The OSL-3500 Series features improved airflow, sterile operational control, optimized shadow management, and environmentally sensitive low power consumption.

What Is the Spot Diameter of the OSPL-5 and OSPL-3 LED Medical Lamp Heads?

The spot diameter for the OSPL-5 and OSPL-3 is 200mm-350mm.

How Do I Place an Order for Medical Lights?

You can submit a medical light order by emailing You can also contact our sales staff at 1 (800) 225-9014. On certain products, you can submit a request for a quote by clicking the Add to Quote button.

Purchase Medical Lights From AADCO Medical, Inc.

Whether you want our medical lights or one of our other procedure lights, AADCO Medical, Inc. is dedicated to providing the high quality and performance your procedures demand. Our medical lighting equipment delivers the illumination you need, day in and day out. Order yours today, and take advantage of everything AADCO Medical, Inc. has to offer.

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