X-Ray Shields & Barriers

X-Ray Shields & Barriers

At AADCO Medical, we carry a wide selection of x-ray shields and barriers to ensure both patient and staff safety during x-ray procedures. We have every kind of x-ray shielding technology you need. If you’re strapped for space and need something easily stored, you might need an adjustable height barrier, or if you prefer, take a look at our mounted x-ray barriers. We also offer mobile x-ray shields for easy maneuvering and portability. Our barriers are made in the USA using the highest quality materials for the best possible protection. View our entire selection of x-ray shields below and find the best barriers for you.

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X-Ray Shields to Meet Your Radiation Protection Needs

AADCO Medical, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality X-ray shields designed to ensure optimal radiation protection for healthcare professionals. With expertise in radiation shielding, AADCO offers a comprehensive range of X-ray barriers that provide reliable and effective protection in various medical settings.

We meticulously craft our X-ray shielding using advanced materials and innovative engineering techniques to maximize safety without compromising comfort or usability. Whether for surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, or other applications, our X-ray shields deliver peace of mind and uncompromising quality in radiation safety.

Unparalleled X-Ray Shielding

Our outstanding lineup of X-ray shielding exemplifies the care and craft we put into all our radiation protection products. We also offer radiology PPE to meet your personal protection requirements. When you purchase from AADCO Medical, Inc., you’re getting the best X-ray barriers money can buy. We manufacture our X-ray shields with a focus on optimal shielding effectiveness, comfort, and ease of use. Whether in radiology departments, surgical suites, or dental clinics, our X-ray shielding offers peace of mind and reliable protection against the potential hazards of ionizing radiation.

X-Ray Shields

X-Ray Barriers for All Needs

AADCO Medical, Inc. offers a diverse range of X-ray barriers designed to ensure optimal radiation safety in medical environments. Our selection includes stationary and mobile shielding, providing flexibility and versatility to meet the specific needs of different healthcare facilities.

Our stationary X-ray shields are designed for installation in fixed locations. These barriers provide a sturdy and reliable shielding solution, effectively preventing radiation transmission to adjacent areas. They are available in various configurations to accommodate different requirements. We construct our stationary barriers with high-quality materials that offer excellent radiation attenuation while maintaining durability and longevity.

For situations that require more flexibility, we offer mobile X-ray barriers. These X-ray shields are designed with convenient features such as wheels, allowing for easy movement and positioning as needed. Portable shielding is ideal for temporary or mobile imaging setups, enabling healthcare professionals to create designated radiation-safe zones wherever required. AADCO’s mobile barriers are engineered to provide efficient radiation protection while maintaining stability and ease of use.

We also offer X-ray barrier band bags that are certified sterile. Available in a variety of sizes to fit most equipment, they’re designed and manufactured with the same level of care and concern as our other X-ray shielding.

X-Ray Shielding

An Unwavering Commitment to Quality

AADCO Medical, Inc. maintains a well-documented commitment to quality when it comes to our X-ray shielding. We understand the critical importance of providing reliable and effective radiation protection, and this commitment is deeply embedded in our manufacturing processes and practices.

Our advanced materials and technologies ensure our X-ray barriers meet or exceed industry standards. We design and manufacture our shields to provide optimal radiation attenuation, offering superior protection for healthcare professionals.

Certified to ISO 13485:2016, we also hold UL, CE, and CB certifications. And we’re registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting stringent industry standards make our X-ray shields a trusted choice for healthcare facilities seeking top-of-the-line radiation protection solutions.

Customer Service You Can Count On

AADCO Medical, Inc. proudly backs all our X-ray shields with exceptional customer service. Understanding the critical nature of radiation protection, we prioritize prompt and personalized support for our customers. The AADCO team consists of knowledgeable professionals well-versed in the intricacies of X-ray shielding. They are dedicated to addressing customer inquiries, offering technical guidance, and resolving concerns related to the selection, use, and maintenance of AADCO’s X-ray shields.

Whether providing detailed product information, assisting with customization options, or ensuring timely delivery, our customer service team goes the extra mile to meet customer needs and ensure their satisfaction.

Order X-Ray Shields From AADCO Medical, Inc.

AADCO Medical, Inc. is a leading source of X-ray shields. You can rely on our products for the performance and value you need. Our X-ray barriers provide unmatched shielding effectiveness and durability. Start shopping now for X-ray shielding and experience the difference AADCO makes.

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