MRI-Safe® Patient Transfer Devices & Aids

Patient Transfer Aids That Make Your Job Easier

When you need to move a patient, you need patient transfer aids you can depend on. AADCO Medical, Inc. has an outstanding lineup of patient transfer equipment designed to meet your needs. You can rely on our medical transfer equipment to simplify the process while ensuring patient and staff safety. Best of all, our transfer devices are MRI-Safe®, providing the flexibility you need to care for your patients. If you want patient transfer aids that are durable and reliable, you want AADCO Medical, Inc. Review our fantastic collection today.

Patient Transfer Equipment With a Focus on Quality

At AADCO Medical, Inc., quality isn’t just a buzzword — it’s an unwavering commitment that defines every patient transfer aid we offer. Uniquely engineered to meet and surpass industry standards, our patient transfer equipment is a testament to our dedication to quality, a claim verified by our ISO 13485:2016 certification. This certification signifies our adherence to international standards for a comprehensive quality management system for designing and manufacturing medical devices.

But our dedication to quality extends far beyond ISO certification. We also have UL, CE, and CB certifications, showcasing our commitment to international safety standards and our compliance with the requirements for product safety, environmental considerations, and regulatory conformity. And we’re registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH, emphasizing our pledge to meet and exceed regulatory demands at every level. It’s not just about satisfying regulations, though — it’s about creating a line of medical transfer equipment that healthcare professionals can trust implicitly.

Transfer Devices to Meet Every Need

Our collection of MRI-Safe® Equipment includes a complete range of transfer devices. We take pride in offering a comprehensive lineup of patient transfer aids designed to fit a variety of medical scenarios. Whether you need slide boards for smooth, frictionless patient transfers or state-of-the-art stretchers built for stability and comfort during critical emergencies, our lineup has you covered.

When you order slide boards from AADCO Medical, Inc., you have your choice of EasySlider™ models, including the:

Our selection of gurneys ensures streamlined mobility, allowing healthcare professionals to swiftly navigate through busy hospital corridors without compromising patient comfort. In addition, we design our top-tier transfer chairs to offer an optimal blend of comfort, convenience, and safety for both patients and caregivers. Our robust wheelchairs demonstrate our commitment to accessibility, delivering durable construction, ease of use, and maximum comfort. With AADCO Medical, Inc.’s wide assortment of patient transfer equipment, you can rest assured you’re choosing a provider dedicated to meeting diverse patient needs while upholding the highest safety and quality standards.

Beyond Medical Transfer Equipment

AADCO Medical, Inc. is not only a trusted provider of medical transfer equipment but also an industry leader in radiology PPE and other radiation protection products.

We understand that medical professionals in radiology settings face unique challenges, including the crucial need to protect their patients and themselves from harmful radiation exposure. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of high-quality radiology PPE, from lead aprons to thyroid collars, each designed to provide robust protection without compromising comfort or mobility.

Similarly, our advanced radiation protection products, such as mobile barriers and lead glasses, are meticulously engineered to offer superior safety and durability, ensuring optimal protection in demanding radiological environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patient Transfer Aids

AADCO Medical, Inc. has the answers to your questions about patient transfer aids. Read on to learn more, and contact us for the additional details you need.

What Is a Patient Transfer Device?

A patient transfer device is a piece of medical equipment that assists healthcare professionals in safely moving or repositioning patients between surfaces, such as from a bed to a wheelchair or a stretcher to an examination table.

What Are Different Types of Patient Transfer?

Different types of patient transfers include assisted transfers, where the patient can partially support their weight, and dependent transfers, where the patient relies entirely on caregivers or equipment. Common transfer scenarios involve moving from a bed to a wheelchair, a chair to a toilet, or a stretcher to an examination table.

What Equipment Is Used to Move Patients?

Healthcare professionals use a wide array of medical transfer equipment to move patients. These can include slide boards, transfer chairs, gurneys, and stretchers.

Safety First

AADCO Medical, Inc. manufactures all its transfer devices with safety in mind. But the proper technique is required to effectively use any patient transfer equipment. View this video for one example of how to move a patient.

Order Patient Transfer Aids From AADCO Medical, Inc.

AADCO Medical, Inc. understands our products’ critical role in the healthcare ecosystem. That’s why we continually strive for excellence to ensure that our patient transfer aids provide an unsurpassed level of safety, durability, and efficiency. Explore our superior collection today and experience our unwavering commitment to quality for yourself.

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