C-Gel™ Gel Positioning Pads

C-Gel™ Gel Positioning Pads

C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners provide superior performance in reducing dermal pressure points and capillary compression during long procedures.

Made with a dry elasto-polymer, C-Gel™ achieves near tissue equivalence with the necessary high viscosity to help provide the protection your patients need from pressure sores, at a cost you can afford.

Over one million people are afflicted with pressure sores in U.S. hospitals every year. It is demonstrated that the cost (of treatment) is estimated conservatively at 55 billion dollars per year. Affordable C-Gel™ pads can help prevent pressure sores by reducing the pressure points that cause the capillary constriction responsible for pressure sores.

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Benefits of AADCO Gel Positioners

AADCO’s C-Gel™ pads and positioners are in use in hospital operating rooms throughout the USA. C-Gel™ Pads are made from tissue equivalent dry elasto-polymer gel that won’t leak or flow. C-Gel™ Pads contain no latex or silicones. They are X-ray translucent (radiolucent at tissue equivalence) and artifact free.

  • Easy to clean with most standard disinfectants
  • Do not absorb body fluids
  • Do not support bacterial growth
  • Developed to remain odor free
  • Fire-retardant

C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are made to the highest standards and performance requirements of today’s demanding clinical environment.

All C-Gel™ products are MRI-Safe®

Choose C-Gel™ Pads and Gel Positioners

C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are the preferred choice for healthcare professionals and institutions for many reasons.

Our Gel Positioning Pads Provide Comfort and Protection

Our C-Gel™ Pads and Gel Positioners are engineered with precision to deliver unparalleled comfort and protection to patients during surgery. The dry elasto-polymer gel used in these products achieves tissue equivalence, ensuring that patients experience minimal discomfort during extended medical procedures. By reducing pressure points and capillary compression, C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners help prevent the development of painful and costly pressure sores.

Affordable Medical Gel Pads and Positioners

We understand the economic pressures faced by healthcare providers. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners at a cost that won’t strain your budget. You can provide your patients with the highest level of care and protection without breaking the bank. Choosing medical gel pads from us means you’re investing in both patient well-being and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Gel Positioners Offer Features Designed for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

We understand the demands of the clinical environment, and that’s why C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are designed with healthcare professionals in mind to make sure patients are comfortable.

Quality Gel Positioning Pads

Quality is essential to everything we do. You can see that commitment in all our positioning pad products. We manufacture our C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners to the highest industry standards. ISO quality standards are the core of our business. All of our equipment delivers the quality you expect from an industry leader like AADCO.

Gel Positioners

Gel Positioner Durability and Ease of Maintenance

C-Gel™ Pads are made to last. Their tissue-equivalent dry elasto-polymer gel won’t leak or flow, ensuring longevity and reliability. Cleaning is a breeze with most standard disinfectants, and you can trust that C-Gel™ Pads will remain odor-free while resisting bacterial growth.

Medical Gel Pads

Radiolucent and Artifact-Free Medical Gel Pads

Our commitment to excellence extends to the radiological aspect. C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are X-ray translucent at tissue equivalence, ensuring clear and artifact-free imaging during procedures when using our medical gel pads.

Safety and Convenience Using Gel Positioners

Safety is paramount in healthcare, and that’s why all of our C-Gel™ products are fire-retardant. Additionally, they are MRI-Safe®, ensuring compatibility with advanced imaging technology without compromising patient well-being.

Best C-Gel™ Products

Browse our selection of gel positioner products. We offer C-Gel™ arm protectors, C-Gel™ chest rolls, C-Gel™ medical stirrup pads, and more. Along with these quality products, we also offer medical imaging accessories and patient positioning aids.

Contact Us Today to Buy Gel Positioners

Ready to experience the benefits of C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners firsthand? Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings, pricing, and how we can customize solutions to meet your specific needs. Your patients deserve the best in comfort and protection, and AADCO delivers quality medical gel pads.

FAQs About Medical Gel Positioners

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about gel positioning pads.

What Are Gel Pads Used For?

Gel positioning products are helpful medical tools that are used to provide correct placement and sustained positioning of patients during surgical procedures. Medical gel pads provide comfort and safety for the patient.

Why Are Gel Pads Used In Surgery?

Medical gel pads are used during surgery to put the patient in the proper position and to provide comfort for the patient during the procedure.

Why Use C-Gel™ Pads & Positioners?

C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners provide superior performance in reducing capillary compression and dermal pressure points during long surgical procedures. They improve comfort for the patient.

Buy C-Gel™ Pads & Medical Gel Positioners From AADCO

When you want effective medical products, you want AADCO. We deliver the quality and durability you expect from your equipment. Browse our collection of C-Gel™ Pads & Gel Positioners and contact us if you have any questions.

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