C-Gel™ Pads & Positioners

C-Gel™ Pads & Positioners
C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners provide superior performance in reducing dermal pressure points and capillary compression during long procedures .
Made with a dry elasto-polymer, C-Gel™ achieves near tissue equivalence with the necessary high viscosity to help provide the protection your patients need from pressure sores, at a cost you can afford.
Over one million people are afflicted with pressure sores in U.S. hospitals every year. It is demonstrated that the cost (of treatment) is estimated conservatively at 55 billion dollars per year. Affordable C-Gel™ pads can help prevent pressure sores by reducing the pressure points that cause the capillary constriction responsible for pressure sores.
AADCO’s C-Gel™ pads and positioners are already in use in hospital operating rooms throughout the USA. C-Gel™ Pads are made from tissue equivalent dry elasto-polymer gel that won’t leak or flow. C-Gel™ Pads contain no latex or silicones. They are X-ray translucent (radiolucent at tissue equivalence) and artifact free. They are easy to clean with most standard disinfectants. They do not absorb body fluids or support bacterial growth and should remain odor free. C-gel™polymer is fire-retardant.
C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are made to the highest standards and performance requirements of today’s demanding clinical environment.
All C-Gel™ products are MRI-Safe®
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