LED Portable Surgical Lights

Get high-quality portable surgical lights for your operating room from AADCO Medical, Inc. We carry a wide variety of LED mobile surgical lights that display clear and natural colors. Our portable surgical light collection will help you achieve a bright and safe operating room to perform your procedures. Shop below for an LED mobile surgical light for your facility.

Portable Surgical Lights That Get the Job Done

Portable surgical lights are essential to effective patient care, and you want the best products on the market. You can’t go wrong with mobile surgical lights from AADCO Medical. Our options operate for up to eight hours when completely charged, providing lifesaving lighting. You can handle, tilt, and rotate our lamps with just one hand. When you purchase our portable medical lights, you can choose from a powerful 75,000 lux or 130,000 lux at one meter. AADCO Medical lamps provide the long-lasting illumination you need.

Quality at the Heart of Every Mobile Surgical Light

You can see AADCO Medical’s commitment to quality in everything we do. We manufacture all our mobile surgical lights to the highest industry standards. AADCO Medical holds UL, CE, and CB certifications, and we’re certified to ISO 13485:2016. We’re also registered with the FDA, SFDA, and JMH. We back all our portable medical lights with a five-year warranty. If you want industry-leading lamps that provide the highest level of quality, you want AADCO Medical.

Portable Medical Lights That Deliver Durability and Dependability

You can rely on portable medical lights from AADCO Medical. We take advantage of the latest advances in lighting technologies to ensure the illumination you need for your most exacting work. Made of the highest quality materials, our mobile surgical lights stand up to the demanding rigors of the surgical environment. Their reliability and quality remain undiminished after years of use.

We design our portable surgical lights to deliver superior lighting performance at considerable energy savings. Compared to halogen, our Conventional LED Mobile Exam Lamp and MRI-Safe® Hospital Mobile Lamp consume 50% less power, and our 130,000 Lux LED Mobile Procedure Lamp uses 70% less. You can count on our lights’ reliable performance and durable construction. Our lamps are just one option in AADCO Medical’s suite of medical imaging equipment, which also includes C-arms.

Unprecedented Customer Service for Unparalleled Mobile Surgical Lights

AADCO Medical customers know they can rely on our support. Whether you call or email, our experienced staff stands ready to answer your questions about mobile surgical lights. Our team members consistently deliver the high level of service our customers have come to expect from AADCO Medical. They’re renowned for their dedicated, comprehensive, intensive support. Simply contact us to take advantage of our product-specific and industry knowledge.

Purchase Portable Surgical Lights From AADCO Medical

AADCO Medical delivers all the performance, quality, and dependability you demand from your portable surgical lights. Thanks to our U.S.-based design, engineering, and manufacturing services, you know you’re getting the best products on the market. Order portable medical lights from AADCO Medical today.

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