Radiology PPE for X-Ray Protection

Radiology PPE for X-Ray Protection

AADCO Medical, Inc. offers a variety of radiology PPE to keep you safe during medical procedures. Our selection of PPE for radiology consists of everything from radiation protection eyewear to x-ray aprons for x-ray protection. We carry PPE equipment that is durable, comfortable, and safe in order to improve your experience during medical procedures.  Explore our catalog below today to select and purchase the radiation protection gear that is right for you.

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Radiation PPE That Meets Your Needs

Our radiation PPE delivers reliable, durable protection against the dangers you face daily. Backed by years of experience, we understand your concerns and design our radiation protection gear to put your mind at ease. With radiation protection products from AADCO, you can take full advantage of our extensive expertise. Our unparalleled commitment to quality means you get radiology PPE that’s dependable and effective.

Radiation PPE for a Wide Range of Applications

AADCO’s PPE for radiation is suitable for a variety of healthcare settings. Radiology departments, outpatient clinics, dental practices and more rely on our products.

Our outstanding radiation PPE lineup includes radiation protection eyewear. We manufacture our eyeglasses in our in-house optical lab. As the industry’s premier product, AADCO glasses help reduce your eyes’ long-term exposure to radiation. Lightweight and carefully balanced, our eyewear delivers better results than competitors’ products.

We also offer a broad array of X-ray aprons as part of our radiology PPE collection. Made with AADCO’s proprietary X-Ban® core material, our aprons provide superior protection. Our ergonomically designed products also help reduce fatigue and discomfort. Whether you want a kilt and vest, a wrap-around model or another option, we have X-ray aprons that meet your requirements.

In our vast radiation PPE inventory, you can also find protective gloves and disposable eye shields and thyroid liners. We always strive to provide the best selection on the market.

Setting the Standard for Radiation PPE

We manufacture all our radiology personal protective equipment to the highest industry standards. AADCO is registered to ISO 13485:2016 and holds UL, CE and CB certifications. We take our quality commitment seriously, so you don’t have to worry. When you use our radiation PPE, you minimize your radiation exposure.

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Radiation PPE for When It Matters Most

Your safety is of the utmost concern. That’s why we offer radiation PPE that’s effective and durable. When you buy our radiology PPE, you know you’re getting high-quality products. Departments of all sizes trust AADCO to safeguard their staff and patients. We provide radiology personal protective equipment that’s safe and easy to use.

Purchase Radiation PPE From AADCO

You can count on our radiation PPE to protect your patients and employees day in and day out. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our PPE for radiation features the industry’s premier products. Start shopping now and see the difference that AADCO makes.

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