X-Drape® Sterile Field X-Ray Shields

Why X-Drape®?

X-ray aprons guarantee protection of most major organs. What they don’t protect is the eyes, face, hands, arms, legs and head.

AADCO’s X-Drape® is actually the first line of defense for these critical parts. When correctly used, X-Drape® stops most scatter radiation at the source– the patient’s body.

Cumulative effects of scattered radiation reaching unprotected areas, after hundreds or even thousands of procedures, will adversely impact the health of professionals over time. This can potentially lead to unexpected damage, disease and even premature death, especially for those who work closest to the radiation source during procedures.

X-Drape® Rationale

X-Drape® effectively reduces up to 98% of scatter radiation exposure. Drapes provide critical radiation dose mitigation for the eyes, hands, arms and thyroid– reducing overall body dose as well as radiation badge readings.

X-Drape® Performance

Based on 12 biopsy procedures, with and without X-Drape®. Measurements in mR. Expressed in percentage of skin entrance dose. Left eye closer to radiation source.

X-Drape® Advantages

At 0.25mm lead equivalence, our drapes provide greater dose reduction than competitive products and improve dose reductions well beyond conventional radiation protection methods. X-Drape® meets ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) guidelines, and reduces physician eye dose below ICRP (International Congress on Radiation Protection) recommended maximums.

X-Drape® Benefits

• Greatly enhanced radiation dose reduction in critical areas of eyes, hands, arms and thyroid
• Allows closer proximity to the patient during procedures
• Reduces radiation badge readings
• Lowest price per unit dose
• Lowest dose per procedure

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