MRI-Safe® Equipment

Shop our selection of MRI-Safe® equipment online today. Our full line of MRI-Safe® products provides maximum safety and comfort for both patients and staff. MRI machines offer great benefits in the medical field. However, they can be dangerous when the proper safety precautions are not taken.

AADCO’s selection of MRI-Safe® equipment will shield staff and patients from potential harm due to wearing metal in MRI environments. We offer a variety of the best MRI-Safe® devices, including MRI-Safe® lighting, overhead suspension systems, screening equipment, patient transfer aids, and more.

MRI-Safe® Equipment to Meet Your Needs

MRI machines and other medical imaging equipment are valuable tools for medical professionals, providing valuable diagnostic data so patients can receive the proper care. However, without the proper safety precautions, they can pose a danger. MRI-safe equipment is constructed using non-magnetic materials including plastic, ceramic and non-ferromagnetic metals. This prevents the equipment from being attracted to the powerful MRI magnetic field. Trust AADCO’s line of MRI-Safe® products to protect patients and staff, as well as your MRI equipment.

MRI-Safe® Products for A Range of Applications

Whether you are looking for patient transfer aids or Hercules Overhead Systems, AADCO has the MRI-Safe® products you need. Some of the MRI-Safe® equipment we offer includes:

  • AADCO’s Hercules® Overhead Systems. These unique and specialized systems are durable and flexible enough to meet the rigors of a diagnostic or interventional lab environment. Our Hercules systems are precision machined from high-strength aluminum alloy.
  • MRI-Safe® table shielding solutions give patients and medical staff peace of mind. AADCO”s MRI table shielding is manufactured from high-quality, durable materials to prevent exposure to scattered radiation while also being safe for us in an MRI environment.

MRI-Safe® Equipment You Can Count On

We manufacture all our MRI-Safe® products to meet the highest industry standards. That’s why AADCO’s MRI-Safe® equipment is second to none. We take our commitment to quality seriously, so you can be confident you are using the best MRI-Safe® products to protect your staff and patients.

Purchase MRI-Safe® Products from AADCO

When you need MRI-Safe® products, you need AADCO Medical. Discover the difference AADCO Medical’s high-quality MRI-Safe® products can make. Shop our selection of MRI-Safe® equipment online today.

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