AMX 4-Plus DR Equipped Portable X-Ray Machine

AADCO’s DR Portable solution will seamlessly replace your tired old AMX or any portable machine with a remanufactured, like new, DR equipped AMX-4 Portable. This unit comes with a 2-year parts warranty including an x-ray tube, and a brand new cesium iodide 14″ x 17″ flat panel. Browse below to learn more about our AMX 4-Plus Portable X-Ray Machine.


1.    AMX-4 Plus
2.   Software Made & Supported in USA
3.   Optional Dual Monitors
4.   Optional 19″ Touchscreen LCD
5.   Standard 15″ Touchscreen on Deck
6.   JCAHO Approved Keyboard
7.  29 lb. Removable Backpack
8.   14″ x 17″ Csi Wireless Flat Panel
9.   Stores 200 Images
10.  May Be Used in Rad Room
11.  Drop Insurance as Low as $2,500
12.  Batteries Last 18 Hours Before Charging is Required

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