RayShield® SideWinder™





When there is no overhead barrier or where an overhead barrier is impractical, this design, which attaches directly to the table accessory side rail, can be a great radiation protection solution.


Barrier mount provides 360° rotation along the vertical and horizontal planes, providing any amount of barrier tilt needed and allowing the barrier to be placed in a large variety of working positions. The barrier can be placed anywhere along the tables accessory rail. The barrier is of 0.5mm lead equivalent clear acrylic. Choose from Standard or our Extended Model with a 10” added extension arm that allows for greater height above the tabletop. There are four configurations of the lead acrylic shield, with or without hand placement cutouts.

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SideWinder™ Portrait, SideWinder™ Portrait Extended, SideWinder™ w/ Arm Cutouts, SideWinder™ w/ Arm Cutouts Extended, SideWinder™ Standard, SideWinder™ Extended

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