RayShield® Handleless Reinforced Under Table Shield

The S-315 offers a handleless design. Adjustment handles are replaced by 2 recessed Allen Head fasteners and an attached wrench with a protective metal bar that fastens the protective rubber shield to the framework. These features provide a high level of durability and make the shield less likely to be damaged by collisions with gurneys and other equipment. The 7-panel design allows a c-arm to be positioned through the shield.

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Our Single Pivot Shields are 90cm. wide (35.4″) with an articulating 40cm. (16″) side wing that can be used to conform to the tabletop or provide either left or right side protection.  Primarily designed to prevent lower body exposure to scattered radiation, these units are a great addition any table where x-ray fluoroscopy is used. Our exclusive Dual Lock™ mount system makes leveling shields on any conventional size accessory rail easy and secure (up to 28.5mm high by 8.8mm deep).

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