RayShield® Three-Piece Imaging Under Table Shield





Our exclusive Dual Lock™ Mount system makes leveling shields on any conventional size accessory rail easy and secure.

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The RayShield® 3-piece x-ray under-table shield is equipped with a 17cm wide mounting bracket which can slide and lock onto table side accessory rails up to 28.5mm high by 8.8mm deep. These imaging under-table shields also include flexible 0.5mm lead equivalent overlapping curtains attached to an aluminum alloy pivot arm. And since this pivot arm is double-jointed, it can rotate at two points to conform to the shape of many different table styles.

The entire pivot arm can create a side wing up to 32″ wide, plus the removable 24″ wide top shield (9″ high) can be easily fitted on top or lifted away for patient transfer.

  • 32″ wide x 28″ below the attachment arm
  • Removable 60cm (24″) wide top shield (9″ high)
  • Provides a side wing of up to 32″ wide
  • Dual locking handles for better mounting adjustment
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