ComfortLite™ Premium X-ray Protective Caps

ComfortLite™ Caps wrap X-ray Protection comfortably around your head providing protection of critical brain anatomy while utilizing the perforated white top fabric to keep you as cool as possible. ComfortLite™ Caps are a “one size fits all” solution available in 3 lead equivalent protective values. 0.5mm, 0.25mm, and 0.175mm lead equivalence and eight ComfortLite™ solid colors. They are an attractive, functional, and most important comfortable
Additional information
Cap Lead Equiv

0.175mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm


Medium-Large, Large-XLarge

Fabric and Color (see link above)

Premium Black, Premium Burnt Orange, Premium Green, Premium Hot Pink, Premium Navy, Premium Purple, Premium Red, Premium Royal Blue, Premium Silver, Premium Baby Panther, Premium Birches, Premium Black Lace, Premium Black Widow, Premium Digital Camo, Premium Flames, Premium Galaxy, Premium Glamo, Premium Gogo Geo, Premium Gray Camo, Premium Grey Leather, Premium Harmony, Premium Inception, Premium Interstellar, Premium Lavender Marble, Premium Leopard, Premium Lisa, Premium Los Muertos – Backorder, Premium Maui, Premium Meteors, Premium Paint, Premium Peacock, Premium Peaks, Premium Pretty Paisley, Premium Pretty Paws, Premium Purple Flames, Premium Safari, Premium Sassy, Premium Sharks, Premium Skelecorn, Premium Skulls, Premium Space Rex, Premium Sparkle, Premium Star Gazer, Premium Star Palm, Premium Steel, Premium Teal Splash, Premium The Beat, Premium The Pulse, Premium Wild Thing, Premium Wish, Premium Zaney, Nylon Black Diamond, Nylon Blue Diamond, Nylon Burgundy Diamond, Nylon Forest Diamond, Nylon Fuchsia Diamond, Nylon Navy Diamond, Nylon Orange Diamond, Nylon Purple Diamond, Nylon Red Diamond, Nylon Silver Diamond, Nylon Green Crinkle, Nylon Lavender Crinkle, Nylon Orange Crinkle, Nylon Pink Crinkle, Nylon Black, Nylon Burgundy, Nylon Electric Blue, Nylon Forest Green, Nylon Fuchsia, Nylon Gold, Nylon Green, Nylon Hot Pink, Nylon Maroon, Nylon Navy, Nylon Orange, Nylon Purple, Nylon Red – Backorder, Nylon Royal Blue, Nylon Silver – Backorder, Nylon Turquoise, Nylon Yellow, Nylon Abstract Periwinkle, Nylon African Zebra, Nylon Anaconda – Backorder, Nylon Black & White Hearts, Nylon Black Butterflies – Backorder, Nylon Black Flame, Nylon Blue Camo – Backorder, Nylon Blue Lace – Backorder, Nylon Brown Camo, Nylon Brown Giraffe, Nylon Bulls Eye – Backorder, Nylon Candy Circle, Nylon Carnation Blue, Nylon Checkers on the Move, Nylon Coffee Time – Backorder, Nylon Cool Camo, Nylon Daisy 60's – Backorder, Nylon Daisy Black, Nylon Desert Storm – Backorder, Nylon Diamond-n-Dots – Backorder, Nylon Dog Paws – Backorder, Nylon Farm Animals, Nylon Flames, Nylon Flowers – Backorder, Nylon Galaxy, Nylon Graffiti, Nylon Granite – Backorder, Nylon Green Camo, Nylon Green Mantis, Nylon Grey Leather, Nylon Happy Talk, Nylon Hearts of Color, Nylon Inception, Nylon Interstellar, Nylon Ishtar Blue, Nylon Maui – Backorder, Nylon Money – Backorder, Nylon Mystery, Nylon Navy Hibiscus, Nylon Navy Prism – Backorder, Nylon Neon Hearts, Nylon Optic Wave, Nylon Orange Tahiti – Backorder, Nylon Paint – Backorder, Nylon Peach Dots, Nylon Pink Camo, Nylon Pink Dots – Backorder, Nylon Pink Plaid, Nylon Pink Sunshine, Nylon Playing Cards – Backorder, Nylon Potus Navy, Nylon Puppies, Nylon Purple Dots – Backorder, Nylon Purple Wave, Nylon Rainbow Peace, Nylon Red Butterflies, Nylon Red Panther, Nylon Red Plaid – Backorder, Nylon Red Skulls, Nylon Red White Dots, Nylon See-n-Stars Navy, Nylon See-n-Stars Red, Nylon Seesucker Plaid, Nylon Sheep Clouds, Nylon Skulls, Nylon Sonic Swirl, Nylon Star Gazer, Nylon Star Palm, Nylon Tiki Blue, Nylon Titanium Flower Blue, Nylon Tribal – Backorder, Nylon True Timber, Nylon Tulip Black – Backorder, Nylon Wild Panther

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