RayShield® Porta-Shield™ Portable X-Ray Shield




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Our portable x-ray shield is designed to shield areas of a patient’s body during some radiographic procedures, or the practitioner during special radiographic or fluoroscopic procedures. Our Porta-Shield™ mobile lead shield is a versatile, mobile, protective shield featuring an adjustable height nylon covered lead vinyl curtain in 0.5mm Pb equivalent. The RayShield® Porta-Shield™ portable x-ray and lead shield features heavy-duty five-caster base, anodized aluminum supports, and positive lock for height adjustment.

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RayShield® Porta-Shield™, RayShield® Porta-Shield™ Replacement Shield, RayShield® Porta-Shield™ X-tra, RayShield® Porta-Shield™ X-tra Replacement Shield

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