RayShield® Adjust-A-Height Pivoting Over-Table Barrier




When an overhead barrier is impractical, this cantilevered design can wheel into position, extending
over the table to provide necessary protection from fluoroscopic X-ray exposure.


Barrier mount provides 360° rotation along both vertical and horizontal planes, allowing barrier movement into a large number of working positions. Semi-circular cutout is contoured to fit closely to the patient’s torso for maximized shielding from x-ray exposure. The 6 inch offset pivot position helps provide a maximum extension of 36 inches. The barrier is 0.5mm lead equivalent, clear RayShield® Acrylic that is 24 inches wide x 24 inches high. The barrier height is adjustable from 63 inches above floor to 30 inches at center.

Item No.
OS-615 Single Cutout Model
OS-615D Dual Cutout Model
Additional information
Item No.

OS-615, OS-615D

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