RayShield® Shatter Resistant Mobile Barriers





AADCO’s safety-film glass mobile barriers have a special plastic film on the outside of the clear lead glass, making them shatter-resistant.  The exclusive design of these innovative mobile lead barriers provides a level of safety that other lead glass barrier manufacturers are unable to match.

RayShield® mobile Xray barriers solve a variety of x-ray protection problems while offering a wide field of view and excellent body protection. Six sizes of barriers are available in 2.0mm lead equivalence on a brush finished, highly durable 6061 anodized aluminum frame.  Supporting brackets and hardware are stainless steel.

With no paint to chip, these mobile x-ray barriers maintain their like-new appearance for many years. Opaque Panel is a highly durable Kydex material. Casters are medical grade. Foot-operated caster locks allow for fixing barrier position..  All mobile barriers come with a 5 Year Warranty!


Regular Wide Jumbo Deluxe Ultra Super
Overall Size 75″ h x 30″ w 75″ h x 36″ w 75″ h x 30″ w 75″ h x 48″ w 75″ h x 72″ w 75″ h x 48″ w
Window Panel 24″ h x 30″ w 24″ h x 36″ w 48″ h x 30″ w 30″ h x 48″ w 36″ h x 72″ w 36″ h x 48″ w
Opaque Panel 48″ h x 30″ h 48″ h x 36″ w 24″ h x 30″ w 42″ h x 48″ w 36″ h x 72″ w 36″ h x 48″ w
Item S-702A S-707A S-706A S-700A S-701A S-705A
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S-702A, S-707A, S-706A, S-700A, S-701A, S-705A

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