RayShield® Multi Panel Shield – S-314A





The S-314A offers a 7 panel design which allows a c-arm to be positioned through it. Available in conventional and MRI-Safe® construction.

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RayShield® multi-panel imaging under-table shields feature single-pivot functionality and measure in at 90cm wide (35.4″) with an articulating 40cm (16″) side wing that can be used to conform to the tabletop or provide left/right side protection.

Primarily designed to prevent lower body exposure to scattered radiation, these multi-panel under-table shield units are a great addition to any table where x-ray fluoroscopy is used. And for added convenience, our exclusive Dual Lock™ mount system makes leveling shields on any conventional size accessory rail easy and secure (up to 28.5mm high by 8.8mm deep).

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Available Conventional or MRI-Safe™

Conventional, MRI-Safe™

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