Pigg-O-Stat™ Pediatric Immobilizer

The Pigg-O-Stat™ is the World’s Top Clinically-Proven, Time-Tested, and Medically-Trusted Pediatric Immobilizer.

Since 1960, the Pigg-O-Stat™ has been and continues to be the first choice for pediatricians, doctors, and medical professionals around the globe. The Pigg-O-Stat™ is an all-in-one pediatric immobilization device designed for positioning infants and young children for an appropriate x-ray without significant complications.


Protecting Personnel from Exposure to Radiation

Child comfort and safety is our number one concern. Since the Pigg-O-Stat™ does not rely on automated machinery or technology, x-ray technicians and pediatricians have full control over the setup for each infant or child that utilizes Pigg-O-Stat™. Unlike other medical exams or procedures that may allow a parent to secure an infant, x-rays are not forgiving for movements. The Pigg-O-Stat™ safely secures the child and allows the x-ray technician to be brief and efficient while the child remains immobilized.

Safely Immobilize Children for X-Ray

The unfortunate exposure to radiation at a very young age is already a concern for most medical professionals and even more for parents. The Pigg O Stat™ provides x-ray technicians the best opportunity to capture a great picture on the first attempt. With fewer retakes required, infants receive significantly less exposure to radiation.

Protecting Personnel from Exposure to Radiation

One of the greatest sacrifices for x-ray technicians is when they are over-exposed to radiation due to having to immobilize an infant themselves. Not anymore! The Pigg-O-Stat™ is highly efficient as it immobilizes the infant, allowing the x-ray technician to seek protection during the brief exam.

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