The Decubi-System™

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The Decubi-System™ is one positioner for all types of decubitus films. Whether you need to do decubitis chest or abdomens, or even cross-table laterals, the Decubi-System™ positioner provides a fast, easy and efficient way to produce high quality radiographs.  The Decubi-System™ accommodates all kinds of cassettes and is specifically designed to work with grid-protectors/cassette holders.

The basic platform positioner comes with its own Dura-Foam™ Positioning Block (22″ x 13″ x 1.25″ water-proof nylon covered), attached to the platform with Velcro® type hook & loop fasteners. To hold cassettes and grids in a vertical position, one uses the channel created between platform and pad. The width of the channel can be adjusted to accommodate any thickness of cassette, with or without grid, simply by moving the position of the pad on its Velcro® type fasteners.

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