The Barricade™ Overhead Suspension System


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Our Barricade™ Overhead Barrier, with its unique hinged and folding design, allows you to more effectively protect yourself from the harmful effects of scattered radiation from multiple directions at the same time.  This ceiling-mounted solution creates radiation safe area that is adjustable in size and shape using two, 30″ wide x 24″ high, 0.5mm lead equivalent shields.  One shield offers a full viewing window.  The other features a torso cutout with curtain for ease of positioning over an imaging table.  The radiation safe area created by the dual, hinged shields allows the end user to continually maximize their protection during procedures that require the active use of x-ray.  Maximize your radiation protection during angiographic, x-ray, fluoroscopic and interventional procedures!  Patent pending.

The Barricade™ Overhead system includes

  • Ceiling Track
  • Column
  • Arm
  • Barricade™ Hinged Dual Barriers
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