ErgoLite® Wraparound Apron

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The ErgoLite® Wraparound Apron is a unique patented product. Combined with AADCO’s exclusive ErgoLite® Internal Support Frame. Our wrap around body apron transfers 100% of the apron’s weight to your hips and eliminates shoulder contact and stress on sensitive points of contact.  When adjusted properly, the Wraparound apron doesn’t even touch your shoulders. Our Wraparound x-ray apron is the perfect piece of personal protection that will keep your patients both pain and stress-free. Order your ErgoLite® wrap-around body apron from AADCO Medical, Inc. today!

Additional information

X-Ban SuperLightweight, X-Ban LeadFree


ComfortPremium™, Standard Nylon

Lead Eqv

0.35mm, 0.5mm

Apron Colors

Baby Panther, Black, Black Diamond, Blue Diamond, Burgundy, Burgundy Diamond, Flames, Forest Diamond, Galaxy, Gray Camo, Green, Grey Leather, Hot Pink, Inception, Interstellar, Lavender Marble, Leopard, Maui, Navy, Paint, Pretty Paisley, Purple, Purple Diamond, Purple Flames, Red, Royal Blue, Sassy, Silver, Silver Diamond, Skulls, Star Gazer, Star Palm, Teal Splash

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