ErgoLite® “V” Vest

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Not only does this x-ray protective vest eliminate 100% of the weight and contact at the shoulder areas, the patented ErgoLite ® “V” now combines its exclusive ergonomic design with a ventilation/cooling system that helps keep you cool, making it even more of a Zero Fatigue Apron.

Of course all of our ErgoLite® Aprons include a reinforced and flexible internal framework that can entirely eliminate the repetitive stress and fatigue problems of the upper back and extremities associated with the shoulder contact and weight of conventional x-ray aprons, now combined with an internal cooling system.

This is possible because ErgoLite’s® unique design that keeps the garment separated from your upper body. This separation area allows for natural ventilation, enhanced with continuous and ultimately cooled air movement.

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X-Ban SuperLightweight, X-Ban LeadFree


ComfortPremium™, Standard Nylon

Lead Eqv

0.35mm, 0.5mm

Apron Colors

Baby Panther, Birches, Black, Black Diamond, Black Lace, Black Widow, Blue Diamond, Burgundy Diamond, Burnt Orange, Digital Camo, Flames, Forest Diamond, Galaxy, Glamo, Go-go Geo, Gray Camo, Green, Grey Leather, Harmony, Hot Pink, Inception, Interstellar, Lavender Marble, Leopard, Lisa, Los Muertos, Maui, Meteors, Navy, Paint, Peacock, Peaks, Pretty Paisley, Pretty Paws, Purple, Purple Diamond, Purple Flames, Red, Royal Blue, Safari, Sassy, Sharks, Shocking, Silver, Silver Diamond, Skelecorn, Skulls, Space Rex, Sparkle, Star Gazer, Star Palm, Steel, Teal Splash, The Beat, The Pulse, Wild Thing, Wish, Zaney

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