SuperLightweight O.R. Quick-Drop Aprons

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Remove your Xray aprons without breaking the sterile field. We know that when the X-ray portion of the procedure is finished, everyone wants to remove their medical Xray aprons to reduce fatigue. Ours include Velcro® tabs that are easily reached from the rear of the gown. Once released, the apron slides down from under the gown. The Super Lightweight model even includes a Lumbar Support Belt!

Additional information

X-Ban SuperLightweight, X-Ban LeadFree


ComfortPremium™, Standard Nylon

Lead Eqv

0.35mm, 0.5mm


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

Apron Colors

Baby Panther, Birches, Black, Black Diamond, Black Lace, Black Widow, Blue Diamond, Burgundy Diamond, Burnt Orange, Digital Camo, Flames, Forest Diamond, Galaxy, Glamo, Go-go Geo, Gray Camo, Green, Grey Leather, Harmony, Hot Pink, Inception, Interstellar, Lavender Marble, Leopard, Lisa, Los Muertos, Maui, Meteors, Navy, Paint, Peacock, Peaks, Pretty Paisley, Pretty Paws, Purple, Purple Diamond, Purple Flames, Red, Royal Blue, Safari, Sassy, Sharks, Shocking, Silver, Silver Diamond, Skelecorn, Skulls, Space Rex, Sparkle, Star Gazer, Star Palm, Steel, Teal Splash, The Beat, The Pulse, Wild Thing, Wish, Zaney

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