MRI-Safe® Mobile Exam Lamp



Our Mobile LED Exam Lamps & Procedure Lamps are LED models equipped with an advanced battery pack allowing them to operate, when fully charged, for up to 8 hours. Our LED mobile examination lamp is state of the art, with the latest advances in lighting technologies, while using only 50% consumption of power when compared with halogen lamps, for a very powerful 75,000 lux at 1 meter with adjustable light intensity and infinite focus. Lamp heads are sealed and can be operated, tilted, and rotated 360° with one hand.


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The OS-816511LNFBP is an MRI-Safe™, 75,000 lux ErgoLite® LED mobile exam lamp with infinite focus. The lamp operates on a rechargeable 24V DC battery pack. MRI-Safe™ mobile stand and LED lamp models are fully tested to 3 Tesla and made entirely of non-magnetic materials.

Features and Specifications for Mobile Procedure Lamps

Mobile Stand
Mast Height < 61″
Overall height wit arm raised < 87″
Base Width < 28″
Base depth < 28″
Base Height to tops of legs < 6.5″
Battery Pack & Charger/ Power Supply
Battery Type Sealed Cell, No maintenance
Battery UL Listed
Battery Box UL Rated
Battery Charger/Power Supply Auto Sensing
Power Input: 110 to 240AC 50Hz/60Hz 24VDC @ 7 amps
Power Output 2 Amps
Battery Recharge time < 3.5 hours
Battery Use Time at full charge 8 hours

Caution: Remote charger for MRI-Safe® mobile examination lamp models is magnetic and must be plugged into a 110-120VAC standard wall outlet located outside the MR-shielded area.

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