OSL-3500 Series LED Surgical Lighting System



OSL-3500 Series LED Surgical Lighting System with Adjustable Color Temperature


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OSL-3500 LED Series lighting technology offers cutting edge performance with precise, uniform homogeneous lighting both on the surface and for deep cavity procedures thanks to innovative shadow control.

Nearly unlimited LED life expectancy from the IES LM-80-2008 standard delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection.

Environmentally sensitive low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize environmental impact.

Optimized Shadow Management
AADCO has harnessed the far-reaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows. The OSL-3500 series has overlapping light fields with multiple patterns which are selectable based on the procedure situation. These patterns minimize shadows and allow for a more customized light intensity at the procedure site.

Sterile Operational Control
The OSL-3500 series provides sterile control which enables the procedure team to operate all important functions intuitively, quickly, and easily including on/off, dimmer control, and shadow management.

Improved Air Flow
Modular design allows improved air flow for a cooler and more hygienic environment.

Five models available.  Includes overhead suspension.

OSL-3535: One triple head 130,000 Lux LED (OSPL-3) and one 5 head 160,000 Lux LED (OSPL-5)
OSL-3533: Two triple head 130,000 Lux LED (OSPL-3)
OSL-3555: Two 5 head 160,000 Lux LED (OSPL-5)
OSL-3505: One 5 head 160,000 Lux LED (OSPL-5)
OSL-3503: One triple head 130,000 Lux LED (OSPL-3)

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OSL-3535, OSL-3533, OSL-3555, OSL-3505, OSL-3503

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