The Nonmagnetic MRI Cleaning Wand

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A nonmagnetic MRI Cleaning Wand designed specifically to clean and disinfect MRI and CAT scan machines. Finally, hospitals and clinics will be able to easily clean between patients without losing valuable scanning time!

Our MRI Wand reaches inside the MRI magnet bore or CAT scan gantry to clean and disinfect those difficult to reach places in seconds.  The Cleaning Wand’s specially designed disposable pads can be used with any spray disinfectant or cleaning solution. Once the area of interest has been cleaned and disinfected, simply eject the disposable pad without touching it with your hands, eliminating the risk of further contamination.

The MRI Cleaning Wand is a dynamic nonmagnetic idea intended to make the radiology area safer, cleaner and a more enjoyable environment to work in. Initially designed to be used exclusively in the MRI Bore and PET scanner tunnel.  Also recommended for CAT scanner areas, x-ray units, or any radiology equipment where routine patient scans are performed.

The MRI Cleaning Wand is for mild cleaning and disinfecting. If an area is suspected of heavy dirt and excessive blood where the possibility of strong bacterial contamination is suspected, a cleaning company should be used.

The MRI Cleaning Wand Kit

Our MRI Wand kit contains the following:



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