Siemens Koordinat U Angio Table Pad

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TP-951 1.5″ Contour Foam™
TP-951P 1.5″ Pressure Displacing Foam™
TP-951C 1″ Super Support Foam™
TP-951L 1.5″ Lami-Foam™
TP-951LS 1.5″ Lo-Sorb™ Foam

Lo-Sorb™ Low X-Ray Absorption Table Pads:

When your application is imaging of vessels and soft tissue using contrast media designed for low to mid-diagnostic energy ranges, table pads can make a big difference in image quality. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads provide the highly desirable, low attenuation properties that maximize imaging results. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads provide attenuation .065mm AI. equivalent per inch of pad thickness. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads come with a standard black urethane coated nylon upholstery. Lo-Sorb™ low x-ray absorption table pads are standard on some of America’s top original equipment manufacturer’s angiographic and x-ray tables.

Pressure Displacing Foam:

Our standard material of high quality, 2 lb. density foam exceeds other original manufacturer’s pad quality, with characteristics suitable for good pressure displacement and long procedures. The 2 inches of Pressure Displacing Foam™ have x-ray attenuation properties equivalent to 0.2mm of aluminum and are x-ray radiolucent for artifact free results.

Contour Foam™:

A premium material offering excellent body support and comfort. The technology for this type of foam was originally developed for NASA, and used as seating material to relieve discomfort experienced by astronauts during extended flight space missions. The 2 inches of Contour Foam have x-ray attenuation properties equivalent to 2.66m of aluminum and are x-ray radiolucent for artifact free results.


When long procedures cause bottoming out, which occurs when pressure points on the patients body begin to feel the table top, Lami-Foam™ is the answer. Made from a laminated combination of Contour Foam and Super-Support foam, Lami-Foam™ provides a superior combination of support and comfort. The 2 inches of Lami-Foam™ have X-ray attenuation properties equivalent to 2mm of aluminum, and are x-ray radiolucent for artifact free results.

Super-Support Foam™:

Offering extra firm support for all procedures and conditions in which firm patient support is advantageous. This is the only material available with our waterproof PolyGuard™ coating. The 2 inches of Super-Support Foam™ has x-ray attenuation properties equivalent to .86mm of aluminum, and are radiolucent for artifact free results. Super-Support Foam™ is only available as a custom order.

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TP-951, TP-951P, TP-951C, TP-951L, TP-951LS

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