Philips Allura Table Pad

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TP-933 Lo-Sorb™ Foam
TP-933C 1″ Super Support Foam™
TP-933L 1.5″ Lami-Foam™

Lo-Sorb™ Low X-Ray Absorption Table Pads:

When your application is imaging of vessels and soft tissue using contrast media designed for low to mid-diagnostic energy ranges, table pads can make a big difference in image quality. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads provide the highly desirable, low attenuation properties that maximize imaging results. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads provide attenuation .065mm AI. equivalent per inch of pad thickness. Lo-Sorb™ Table Pads come with a standard black urethane coated nylon upholstery. Lo-Sorb™ low x-ray absorption table pads are standard on some of America’s top original equipment manufacturer’s angiographic and x-ray tables.


When long procedures cause bottoming out, which occurs when pressure points on the patients body begin to feel the table top, Lami-Foam™ is the answer. Made from a laminated combination of Contour Foam and Super-Support foam, Lami-Foam™ provides a superior combination of support and comfort. The 2 inches of Lami-Foam™ have X-ray attenuation properties equivalent to 2mm of aluminum, and are x-ray radiolucent for artifact free results.

Super-Support Foam™:

Offering extra firm support for all procedures and conditions in which firm patient support is advantageous. This is the only material available with our waterproof PolyGuard™ coating. The 2 inches of Super-Support Foam™ has x-ray attenuation properties equivalent to .86mm of aluminum, and are radiolucent for artifact free results. Super-Support Foam™ is only available as a custom order.

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TP-933, TP-933C, TP-933L

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