MRI Syringe Injectors with Tubing

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AADCO offers the best quality, the best customer experience and we guarantee the best value for safe and reliable care.


Our MRI syringe injectors are compatible with a variety of injector systems that include: Medrad, Mallinckrodt / Liebel-Flarsheim, and Bracco.


Sterile, Disposable, Latex-Free, Pyrogen-Free Syringes ranging from 60mL up to 200mL with Coiled Extension Lines designed to withstand up to 300psi packaged with Fill Straws or Spikes.


  • Single MRI Syringe Injectors – 50 per Case
  • Dual MRI Syringe Injectors – 20 per Case
MRI Cross-Reference Chart & Contract Pricing
Injector Model AADCO Model Number Manufacturer Number UOM Injector Model AADCO Model Number Manufacturer Number UOM
Medrad Spectris IS-MMD65T SQK 65VS CASE OF 50 Mallinckrodt / Liebel-Flarsheim
MRI Optistar LE
Optistar Elite
IS-TMD60 801800 CASE OF 50
Medrad Spectris
IS-MMD115T SSQK65/115VS CASE OF 50 Mallinckrodt/Liebel-Flarsheim
MRI Optistar LE
Optistar Elite
IS-TM60Y 801801 CASE OF 50
Bracco Empower MR IS-BMD100 17356 CASE OF 50


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