Easy-Pivot™ Wide Armboard

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The same quality features of our Easy-Pivot™ armboard, with an 11″x 24″ wide armboard surface.

The Easy-Pivot™ Arm Board is designed for all-purpose use, including procedures in which an image intensifier is used. Other than the pivoting mechanism (the 5 inches most proximal to the table) the armboard is constructed of all radiolucent materials so that no metal parts should interfere with x-rays. The armboard is very lightweight and easy to handle. The Easy-Pivot™ is designed to pivot easily with one hand operation and hold its position. There are no gears or teeth to break. The Easy-Pivot™ utilizes a simple, adjustable resistance pivot mechanism with no fragile parts to break down. A two-inch thick conductive upholstered pad comes standard with the armboard.

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