C-Gel™ Table Pads

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Used for a wide variety of procedures that exceed one hour in duration, C-Gel™ Table Pads may be used for Supine, Prone, Oblique or Lateral body positioning. Used for Open Heart, Thoracic, Orthopedic, Abdominal, Gynecologic or Urologic procedures, etc., C-Gel™ Table Pads improve comfort and reduce the risk of tissue damage that may occur in some cases.

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Three Piece Full Table Pad Set, Head Section, Middle Section w/ GU Cutout, Foot w/GU Cutout, Full Table Pad, 3/4 Table Pad w/GU Cutout, Table/HipPad w/ GU Cutout, Table/HipPad, Fracture Table/HipPad w/ post hole, 3/4 Table Pad, Fracture Table Post Pad

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