RayShield® / ErgoLite® Apron Rack

For ErgoLite & Conventional Aprons

A straight bar portable rack that will accommodate 10 ErgoLite® Hangers(48″ Model), or a larger number of conventional hangers.  Available in configurations shown, or with additional hangers.

Both ErgoLite® and Conventional hangers are available standard (shown) or in a closed loop design that prevents hangers from being easily removed from the rack and misplaced, while ensuring that the aprons are still readily accessible.

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A straight bar portable rack that will accommodate ten ErgoLite® Hangers (48″ Model) or a larger number of regular hangers. This lead apron rack features steel construction with attractive brushed plated finish and locking casters.

These lead apron racks can easily accommodate  up to 40 aprons with our 48″ Model Rack.

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Additional information

24", 36", 48"

Hanger Type

ErgoLite® Hangers, Ergo and Regular Hangers, Regular Hangers

Regular or Closed Loop Hangers

Regular, Closed Loop

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