Medium Bolster

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Very stable 45° positioning is achieved easily with this 15″ long positioner. It’s ideal for recumbent oblique placement of thorax, abdomen, pelvis or extremities. The extended 12.5 inch depth provides added stability in a positioner that is small enough to be easy to handle.

Standard PolyFoam F/R™
Our regular Polyfoam F/R™ positioners are supportive yet comfortable. They are manufactured from special high density resilient 2 lb. estar foam which is functionally radiolucent and artifact free. They are plain foam, Not Upholstered or Coated. The high-friction surface eliminates slippage. These positioners are preferred for radiographic, fluoroscopic and other imaging uses.

Nylon Covered
Positioners are covered with quality lightweight waterproof blue nylon. Sewn seams are water resistant and functionally radiolucent. Positioner surfaces can be easily wiped clean. These positioners are functionally radiolucent making them an excellent choice for radiographic use, and recommended for radiographic use.

Vinyl Upholstered
Positioners are upholstered with quality waterproof vinyl. Sewn seams are not artifact free. This positioner is recommended for nuclear medicine, ultrasound, O.R. and other non-radiographic use.

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Regular, Vinyl Upholstered, Conductive Covered, Nylon Covered

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