LaserX™ C-arm Laser Aimer

Improve accuracy, safety and productivity when aiming the x-ray beam of your c-arm!  Compatible with C-arms of All Brands.


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AADCO’s Exclusive Universal Image Intensifier Laser Aimer fits on virtually any 6″, 9″ or 12″ Image Intensifier.  The LaserX™ Aimer provides virtually any c-arm with accurate visual aiming of the x-ray beam.  The LaserX™ Aimer can be fitted to any c-arm and properly aligned in minutes.  The LaserX™ Aimer slips on and is tightened in place. It requires no mechanical modification of the image intensifier or power from the image intensifier. The LaserX™ Aimer is powered by it’s own self-contained batteries, no electrical connection required.

FDA Listed. CE Marked.

LaserX™ Aimer Reduces

LaserX™ Aimer Provides

Positioning errors Laser cross hair mark on patient’s body
Repeat patient exposures Cross hairs correspond to the center of the imaging field
Unnecessary radiation exposure to personnel


Compatible with c-arms of all brands and available in three models for three standard image intensifier tube sizes: 6″ II, 9″ II and 12″ II



Item No.

6″ Image Intensifier LA-6000
9” Image Intensifier LA-9000
12” Image Intensifier LA-1200
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Image Intensifier Size

6", 9", 12"

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