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X-Trak™ 4.0 Release Coming Soon! 

Watch for the release of our new 4.0 version of X-Trak mobile apron tracking software by AADCO Medical.

X-Trak® is built for professionals by professionals.

OptiSafe™ Disposable Eyeshields 

OptiSafe™ protective eyeshields provide clean, economical, disposable eye protection that is readily available to pickup and go from our convenient dispenser box.

Learn more today!

Click here to learn more about OptiSafe™ Disposable Eyeshields

X-Trak™ Retrofitting Demo 

Retrofitting barcodes for use with X-Trak, our mobile apron tracking app is easy.  Just how simple and easy is retrofitting x-ray radiation protective garments, like x-ray aprons and thyroid shields?  Laura of AADCO Medical tells us how.

X-Trak® is built for professionals by professionals.

Click here to watch the Retrofit Demo.

Mobile LED MRI-Safe® & Conventional Examination & Procedure Lamps

Our Mobile Procedure Lamps are LED Models equiped with an advanced battery pack allowing them to operate, when fully charged for up to 8 hours, on battery pack alone. Our LED lamp is state of the art using the latest advances in lighting technologies while only using 50% consumption of power to produce, when compared with halogen lamps for a very powerful 44,000 Lux at 1 meter with adjustable light intensity and infinite focus.

Mobile LED MRI-Safe® & Conventional Examination & Procedure Lamps

MRI-Safe® Mobile Model with Battery Pack & Remote Charger

The OS-816511LNFBP is an MRISafe ® Lamp and Stand , same as above but with our 44,000 Lux ErgoLite® LED lamp, with infinite focus. The lamp operates Rechargeable 24V DC Battery Pack. Remote Recharger plugs into 110-120VAC standard wall outlet outside the MR shielded area. Mobile LED MRI-Safe® & Conventional Examination & Procedure Lamps

Universal Radial Entry Arm Board

Universal Radial Entry Arm Board is Radiolucent & designed for all-purpose use, including procedures in which an image intensifier is used. Other than the pivot joint the armboard is constructed of all radiolucent materials, so that no metal parts should interfere with X-rays. The armboard is very lightweight and easy to handle. It is designed to rely on being placed comfortably under the patients body/ table pad for support and pivots easily with one hand operation and holds its position. It utilizes a simple adjustable resistance pivot mechanism with no fragile parts to break down. A one-inch thick conductive upholstered pad is available as an option. Armboards Products

LED Examination & Procedure Lamps

OSL-3500 LED Series lighting technology offers cutting edge performance with precise, uniform, homogeneous lighting on the surface and deep cavity procedures, thanks to OSL-3500's innovative shadow control. LED Surgical, Examination & Procedure Lamps

ErgoLite® "V" Vest and Kilt

Not only does this X-ray Protective Vest eliminate 100% of the weight and contact at the shoulder areas, Our Patented ErgoLite® "V" now combines its exclusive ergonomic design with a Ventilation / Cooling System, that helps keep you cool, making it even more of a Zero Fatigue Apron. ErgoLite® "V" Vest & Kilt

X-Drape® Disposable Shields

Reduces radiation doses to personnel up to 70%! Top of their class X-Drape® disposable shields comes in many shapes, sizes and materials. X-Drape® Product Line