MRI-Safe® X-ray Protection

MRI-Safe® Center Mounted X-Ray Protection Barriers, can rotate 360 degrees, allowing them to be turned horizontally, vertically, or at any angle, making them very versatile. All sizes are supplied with either a single device ceiling mount that allows 360 degree rotation or a dual device mount ceiling column to allow the mounting of a second shield, a surgical lamp, or other device such as a pressure injector or video monitor. A single wall mount is also available and a 2.5 meter long track system that will accommodate either the dual or single ceiling mounts is also available separately.


MRI-Safe® Fixed Height RayShield® Acrylic Mobile X-ray Barriers solve a variety of X-ray Protection problems while offering a wide field of view and excellent X-ray body protection. Each is designed with an optically clear viewing area made of shatter resistant durable 0.5mm lead equivalent acrylic. Framework is brush finished, highly durable 6061 Aluminum Frame.